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July 25, 2008

"Let's go to the beach." "Déjà Dead" by Kathy Reichs

Seriously, I was surprised (mainly because I don't read the fine print) that the Sandcastles Mini was... uh.. a Mini.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First off, a picture of the BACK of the quilt top (before layering and quilting).

Back of Front

This is mainly for Brenda, since we'd had some conversation about the placement of the green fabric. I LOVE the blue (and I might mention that yet again, given the opportunity) and used the light side as the "public side" for this project. Fortunately, Brenda was so generous with the blue (which I loooove!) that I'll be able to use what's left in another project. Maybe I'll use the dark side then.

There was a small error in the pattern, which I wrote about to Julie at PatchAbilities. She very quickly replied that she'd caught the error early on and re-printed the patterns and gave me the correct info. (I copied you on all that stuff, Brenda - did you get it?) It was just a teensy typo and nothing that I or pretty much any quilter couldn't figure out. I thought, though, that if Julie didn't know about it, she certainly would want to.

Here's a tip: If you find an error in a pattern, let the designer/creator know. I know that I would be mortified if someone had one of our patterns and didn't tell me if there was a problem. I'd much rather fix it than have you think that all of our patterns had errors.

Sandcastles QuiltingFinished size is approximately 5½ x 21"

Used Heat 'n Bond Lite, cut out the centers of the paper so that the fusible was only about a ¼" "frame". After fusing, ran a loose zig-zag around each piece, NOT cutting the bobbin thread (just seems "safer" to me). Basted using 4 whole straight pins - it's teensy! - then straight/walking foot stitched around the edges of all the appliqués with the same thread as the zig-zag. Free-motioned elsewhere, machine-stitched the binding.

Sheesh. How am I doing on the suspense? Here it is, all finished

Sandcastle Mini

I've seen better embroidery, but TFB.
I think it's adorable.
Simply, purely, utterly adorable.


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At 7/26/2008 7:09 AM, Blogger Brenda Babbled Back:  

Woo-HOO! How cute is that?! Can I come over for a quick free motion class? I love the way yu did it all up with that quilting! I don't know how to "quilt". My idea of quilting is stitching along the applique shapes, LOL! What an improvement it would be to make some fancy scrolls on my minis...like you have done. I love it!

At 7/26/2008 7:23 AM, Blogger Sara Babbled Back:  

THanks for commenting on my blog! I love the sandcastle mini quilt! Its great!

At 7/26/2008 12:34 PM, Blogger Sweet P Babbled Back:  

Wow! You made that fast! Great job on it!

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