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July 04, 2008

I won!! Remember that I reluctantly posted about a contest over at Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe because I didn't want to lessen the chance that I could win the Patchabilities Sand Castle Kit?

(heh. long sentence.)

I won! I won! I won! I am so thrilled. It's taken me a couple of days to actually write about it, because all I can do pretty much is babble and giggle incoherently - or giggle and babble incoherently - when I think about it.

I can't have Brenda thinking that I'm ungrateful by not posting about my good fortune - I truly have just been, well... speechless. Or at least incoherent.

Thank you, Brenda for running the contest. I am very grateful and thrilled beyond words that I was chosen as the winner. I promise to abandon every one of my UFO's upon receipt of the kit so that I can play with it (and babble and giggle all the while!).

Wander over to Pumpkin Patch Primitives and peruse the offerings there. I didn't think I was "into" the primitive style, but there are some mighty appealing patterns and projects in the shoppe. It might be time to crawl outta your box, try something different. You never know... you, too, may end up with a case of the babble-giggles...

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At 7/05/2008 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

congratulations from linda and val.

At 7/05/2008 12:22 PM, Blogger Candace Babbled Back:  

Congratulations. I'm glad you won since you love it so much.

At 7/05/2008 7:33 PM, Blogger Quilter Kathy Babbled Back:  

Wow! That's great!
And now I'm really glad I didn't enter so you could win :)

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