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July 20, 2008

Maggie was calling for her early. "The Spice Box" by Lou Jane Temple.

Dorothy over at Dorothy Baker Designs is having a giveaway of the full set of Christmas Throughout the Year patterns (by Lynda Howell of The Stitch Connection).

I was so surprised when I saw her photo of the patterns - apparently at some point in my quilting life I have owned this very set (or part of it, at least). I have no idea when or where or what may have happened to them.

So of course I had to enter the contest... ! To enter, go over to her blog and leave a comment admitting to the number of UFO's you have. Hah! So far, Dorothy's readers are a much more disciplined set of quilters - OR a much NEWER set of quilters - than I am!

It looks like Dorothy is a fairly new blogger, so pop on over and give her some love!

To my readers who are waiting for the How To Post Photos tutorials: I haven't forgotten you. I've got 2 installments completed and the other 2 (yikes!) are in the works. I could give you references who'll verify that when I set off to teach someone something, I'm quite thorough. Or if not thorough, at least wordy!

At some point I will have something made of my own sweat and tears (okay, I don't tear. I say baaaaaddd words). I keep telling you that things are just this close and they are. To tell the truth, they're probably just as close today as they were last time I told you that. I seem to have taken a little breaky-poo.

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At 7/22/2008 8:08 PM, Blogger Brenda Babbled Back:  

So where are the goodies from the Sandcastle giveaway that you won, Missy???? Oh, No! You didn't like them....=(

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