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February 10, 2013

And although it may not have been a union of conventional bliss, it was never dull.  "A Monstrous Regiment of Women" by Laurie R. King ♦♦♦♦◊

I admitted to you last fall that I joined a quilting guild whose focus/"thing" was the use of the die cutting machines available out there. (Sorry for the clunky sentence. It made sense to me.)

November and December were kinda up in the air for me - work stuff, health stuff, Mom stuff, holiday stuff - so I fell behind just a bit on my BOM.

Here I am, caught up through January. We won't discuss that this is February and the meeting is on the 20th, 'mkay?

Soooo that block on the top right. The one with black parallelograms. I was able to share a Tip and Trick with my guild at last month's meeting: Those shapes have a regular and "reversed" option. So if you've folded your fabrics to go through the cutter, half of your shapes will be reversed. Now, if you're playing with squares and triangles, that's no big deal. But parallelograms? Oops. That block stalled until I could 1) find more black and 2) re-cut the shapes properly. True Confession time: I cut the new ones "by hand" since I didn't have the die at home with me.

Oh. And here's another Tip and Trick that I'll share with the guild this month: The block is put together in an efficient but interesting way. There are exposed bias edges allovah the place. Get it right the first time. Voice of experience here...

Time is almost 'up' for the Quilting Bee project. I have all but one of the blocks made. I have the setting design pretty much figured out. I also have a deadline of next weekend to get the thing done.

Thank goodness "they" have specifically requested that entries be flimsies only, so I don't have to get it quilted and bound by then! (Though the quilting should really enhance what *I think* the final design will be.)

This was supposed to be a Peggy and me thing, but Peggy has totally lost her finished blocks. We're sure they're in a perfectly logical and safe place. She has wisely decided not to stress about it. I said, "So, then maybe it's not meant to be. We can finish ours when you find your stuff." But nooooooo. She's already bought a ticket to the event where all of the quilts will be displayed and prizes given - as a show of support for me.

In other words, I couldn't wriggle off the hook!!


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At 2/11/2013 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

Hi Tracy
Just stopped in to see your blog and read where you are a member of a die cutting group. I got a Baby Go cutter and have most of the applique dies to go with it as I wasn't that interested in the shape dies for piecing work since I usually cut those myself. Anyway, I thought it was quite interesting that there was a group for die cutters. I haven't used mine as much as I thought I would...life seems to be in the way right now...but I do have plans....;)

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