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It's All About ME - the Prequel

January 23, 2013

"I love you, Benton."  "Unnatural Exposure" by Patricia Cornwell ♦♦♦◊◊

Well now, looky what I just went and did.

Seriously: How can I NOT join a blog hop called
It's All About Me

I've been following the blog hops dreamed up by Madame Samm and cohorts over at Sew We Quilt.

I even found out that someone I know in the "real" world has participated in a couple-few of the hops. Robin, I think, is a stitcher first and a quilter second (though she's no slouch at quilting!). Check out her blog, As Sweet As Peaches. If you're reading this early in 2013, it won't be hard for you to find her 11 January post where she shares some of the stitching projects she's working on. Any ONE of them would be a lifetime achievement for me, I think!

Marlene at Stitchin by the Lake is head cheerleader for this hop, which will occur 19-28 February. The way it works is this:

The blogs on the hop all get a basic pattern from the amazing and inimitable Amy Bradley. We each personalize the pattern to most reflect ourselves, and make the project into something - a bag, a quilt, a pillow, whatever. Then we are assigned a day during the hop to show off our creation. As I recall there are quite a few people scheduled for each day. Some blogs will host giveaways, some will provide tutorials, some will be lucky to just get their creation photographed and online in time (ahem).

Your mission, then, is to visit all the blogs and just enjoy the heck outta them. (I'm not sure but there might be prizes.)

So that's it. I've received my pattern from Amy and I'm off to make it 'me'. Buckle up, Buttercup. I'm in a mood.


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