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Birdies in the Cabin

October 07, 2012

Abandoned book "The Last Dickens" by Matthew Pearl ♦♦♦◊◊

Because I apparently have All The Time In The World, I joined yet another block of the month. One of the quilt shops in town does a BOM every year, it's inexpensive, you might win a prize, and, well, I have All The Time In The World.

My friend Peggy and I signed up for the BOM with the understanding that I'd borrow her granddaughter Olivia (one of the few children I approve of) to pick up my block most months. You see, you (or your representative) have to be at the quilt shop sometime between 10 & 3:00 on the 3rd Saturday of the month to get your block for free. I usually work on the 3rd Saturday of the month, Olivia is my designated representative. Though now that I'm thinking of it, Peggy may have pressed Olivia's mom into service a time or two. (Thanks, Leah!)

Bee Blocks 1-5When "we" (Peggy) first saw what the blocks would be for the quilt, there was much laughter (again, Peggy). They're all log cabin blocks.
Tracy's Greatest Hits, Track 126:
"I love log cabins, but they bore me to tears. I have to trick myself into making them by sneaking a few seams in between working on other things. If I'm just sewing log cabins I start whining before the 4th log is sewn on."

So here's what I do: I make the derned block every month. I don't just sit them over there and promise to get to them (because I'll do that whiny thing). I got "behind" one month when Mom was here but that was my fault, not hers.

panelsIn addition to making the blocks each month, you have a panel that needs to be incorporated somewhere into the finished quilt top. You can cut it up or frame it or whatever. I have some ideas but nothing is cast in stone. Maybe convergence, maybe a 10 degree ruler, maybe some other fracturing... If you are inspired to share something, PLEASE do!

Oh - and the Birdies part of the post: I designed a stinkin' adorable tablerunner to use to teach fusible web techniques. The women who took the class ended up with birdies that were even MORE cute-a-rific than this one.

I know! It's almost impossible to be cuter than this!


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At 10/07/2012 1:35 PM, Blogger Carrie P. Babbled Back:  

interesting log cabin blocks and more interesting is the panel. I have no ideas for you except maybe cut out the biggest flower and applique them onto the blocks. Not sure if that breaks a rule or not.

At 10/11/2012 2:14 PM, Anonymous gimpy cat Babbled Back:  

What if you did that stack n whack I think its called with the floral blocks, create some kaleidascope style blocks to work in with the dreaded log cabins. I have to say, your log cabins are looking lovely though but Im with you on 'kill me now before boredom does it' with log cabins!

Your birdie table runner is adorable, the little bird has sass and mum and I love it, love the curled top feather, too cute and love your fabrics, lovely range of colours, palette is very pretty, kinda colours we are going to decorate mums new place with, you have me thinking!!

Love your work and seeing you blogging again, missed it when you didnt :-)

At 10/15/2012 5:57 AM, Blogger laura west kong Babbled Back:  

That bird is fabulously cute! I know what you mean about log cabin blocks. That's a good idea to sneak them in. I bet you could get a lot done that way.

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