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July 13, 2011

It may seem a frail defence against the horrors of the world but we must hold fast and believe in it, for it is all that we have.  "The Private Patient" by P.D. James ♦♦♦♦◊

No more to show on the Socks That Had Surgery. I've worked on them a bit, but they're not to a noticeably different point than last we met.

Bookmark SoxI have, however, finished knitting itty bitty sox for my bookmark swap. Of course, now that I have the pattern just the way I like it, I'm done - at least done knitting for the swap.

Yesterday I picked up some 1/8" grosgrain ribbon and some sort of jewelry findings to turn the itty socks into bookmarks.

Sock CloseupAnd just because I just love that these socks did not take any shortcuts, I give you turned & gusseted heels and grafted toes.

XstitchI wanted to do some cross-stitch bookmarks, too, because I found a really cool idea online somewhere (I'll find the link & give proper credit when they're closer to being finished). Of course, I couldn't make socks for part of my swap group and cross-stitch for the other part, so it looks like almost everyone's getting two.

These motifs are about 15 squares, uh, square. Or about 1 1/16th" inch square.

burritosI COOKED yesterday. In addition to making strawberry-rhubarb-raspberry jam and grating a big ol' block of cheese and gathering the ingredients for Knock You Naked Brownies, I made chicken burritos!

Recipe courtesy of the wonderful Sharon at Craizee Corners. I will definitely be doing this again. It was easy and tasty...


Next time I'll NOT use the 'hot' flavor of salsa. It was a bit overwhelming. I'm told (now) that flavors sometimes get stronger when you use a slow cooker. Using the 'hot' was not a recipe recommendation - I take full responsibility!

Oh! The cat!

MoonPieMoonPie's new favorite place to sleep - for hours - is the recliner between Mr. W's legs. Perfect place for a big warm cat to spend her time in the heat of the summer, don't you think?


Last but not least (though maybe least interesting), Amanda sent me an invite to Google+. I'm there as (surprise!) Fiber Babble. I'm just getting my feet wet and this might turn into yet another hour a day at the puter, but I'll give it a try. I am so anti-Facebook (I have not fully explored my reasoning for being so) and Google+ feels a little like I expect Facebook to be, but for some reason I'm okay with it - if it's not Facebook.

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At 7/13/2011 7:36 PM, Blogger Esther Aliu Babbled Back:  

I'm anti facebook too -it's OK, I mean, who has the time, when there are things to be made??

I love these little socks, the detail is amazing - splendid!

AND you cooked, oh dear, I have lapsed a bit on the homefront, I haven't posted a recipe (or cooked...)for ages!

At 7/13/2011 7:58 PM, Blogger Marjorie Babbled Back:  

Is MoonPie a Ragdoll? We had a cat years ago who looked like yours. So laid back he was inclined to lay down in the middle of the road and make cars drive around him.

Add me to your Google+? I'm still trying to figure it all out.

At 7/14/2011 4:44 AM, Blogger Crispy Babbled Back:  

Love the socks and the fact you didn't whimp out on the construction. Grafting the toes is the only way to go IMHO :O)

I have facebook but use it only to keep in touch with some of my family. I have to laugh at the recent commercial about someone's parents who "only" has 19 friends....I only have 10 and not much chance of having more LOL. I figure everyone else can go to my blog to see what I'm doing or give me a call LOL.


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