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Christmas Catch-Up #1

December 27, 2007

Okay, lots to catch up on. Lots of pictures.

Let's start with the gifts for the Grands that didn't get posted before Christmas (because I didn't have/take the time to do so):
Isaac Magic Bag Isaac Magic Bag

Isaac Magic BagIsaac's Magic Bag, from My Little Mochi's origami pocket bag instructions.

I understand that boy-child just happened to get a magic kit for Christmas, so this worked out wonderfully. It has been dubbed The Wizard Bag. (How cool is that?)

These are way cool, it would be easy to really get carried away with them!
Oh - flattened, they're 6" square. Started with two 13.5" squares, sewed them together RST using about .25" seam allowance, turned, then followed the directions.

36" of cording took care of both bags.
Ashley Magic Bag Ashley Magic Bag

Ashley Magic Bag Ashley's Magic Bag - again, I hear it was a great hit!

(Actually, we have "a thing" to go to today. I wonder if I can whip one out for the hostess???)

Next up is another apron (next post!).

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