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November 05, 2007

...is hopefully not a train.

I have finished dealing with thread tails, fixed 'oops' spots in the machine quilting, and labelled the Big Quilt.

The next thing to do is to throw it in the washer and dryer to make sure that it all stays together. Well, the staying together is the practical part of this next step - I want to make sure that all the thread tails stay buried, there weren't hidden quilting oops-es, and the binding relaxes.

The not-as-practical part of washing it is to see how yummy it turns out when the Warm 'N Natural does its 3% shrinkage.

THIS step (not the labelling, as the Quilt Police would have you believe) is the final requirement before officially doing the happy dance.

That and, as I say frequently in my classes, it hides a multitude of sins!

So now for a question - do I post a picture of it before or after The Girl and Lifesaver actually receive it?


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At 11/09/2007 3:06 PM, Blogger Kyla Nicole Babbled Back:  

No! SHeesh, lemme have at least a *little* surprise =P lol You can take a picture of it, and then you can post it on your blog after we get it.

OBTW, a quilt that takes you over a quarter of the year to complete way qualifies to cover Wedding & Christmas. Seriously, I can't imagine working on the same project for ONE month, let alone 4+!!

(p.s. didja go look at my ATC, huh huh? ;)

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