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November 10, 2007

Well, The Girl has spoken, so I guess I won't post a pic of the completed Big Quilt until she has a chance to see it first...

In place of a pic of the biggest Finished Object I've had this year (!), I'll share a pic of my design wall.

On it you see the Spidron Table Topper (from Cindy at Quilt Campus) basted and almost ready for quilting. I have a whimsical quilting plan for this one, yes indeedy I do!

Design Wall

Next to that you see five New York Beauty blocks in various stages of done-ness, a (2)BOM from Quilter's Corner Club. The BOM started in June. I'm almost through August. (And here I thought that if I only needed to do two blocks a month I could keep up - hah!)

The sideways-hanging quilt is Snowglobes (from the Pumpkins and Snowglobes pattern), all quilted and waiting for binding. Behind that on top are hunks of fabric for another Snowglobes quilt and a (second) Pumpkins quilt. There's the prototype of the next quilt (#3) in the series, plus a couple more hunks of fabric that will be used for another #3 and a #4. Wow, that sounded cryptic.

In the bottom corner you can see just the edges of the portrait quilt that I started over 2 years ago. Face is done, the subject just needs some clothes. It hangs up there so it won't fall into the "out of sight, out of mind" category. Though since it's been hanging there for two years (I even MOVED HOUSE during that time!), I'm thinking that my cunning plan has a flaw.

There are some quilt motifs on paper and a piece of scrapbook paper (for a project other than scrapbooking of course) sticking out there on the side, and in the top corner there's one of my chicken pincushions and a set of hemostats holding onto a string of beads - what used to be a glasses leash that went POP! - fortunately it popped at a point AFTER the crimp bead, so no major bead-related catastrophe occurred.

Since the picture was taken (this morning), I've added a small knitted scarf - pinned that sucker up there to dry/block.

Ahem. There used to be two more sections of "wall" to the left of the picture. They fell down. Multiple times. I can't imagine why - it's not like I put any strain on them or anything.


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At 11/12/2007 1:38 PM, Blogger Kyla Nicole Babbled Back:  

You are so good at putting colors together! I've found I have issues breaking out of "the box"...I'm sure the guys at OSH and Home Depot are getting sick of me taking their paint chips and decorating ideas cards ;) lol

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