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December 01, 2006

I keep thinking, "I'll write a blog post as soon as the dust settles." Problem is, I can't identify the reason that I think it's dusty (metaphorically, of course. In the literal sense, I know exactly why it's dusty).

Here's a bunch of Not-Made-By-Me quilts from some recent PETaL Patterns:

This is a bordered version Treasure Boxes, made by L:
L Treasure Boxes
A graphic Tulip Chase, by L:
Tulip Chase
A seasonal Dream Stars by L (as a shop sample):
L Dream Stars
Large Dream Posies, by my most revered pattern tester, JB:
JB Dream Posies 2
And another Dream Posies by JB, before she read the directions completely!
JB Dream Posies 1

Did I already show you this? The Star Chase Tablerunner, also by JB:
JB Star Chase TR

And remember the Messenger Bags? Here's one done by one of the Vancouver ladies:
eb messenger bag
I'm still waiting to hear how Otter's doing on hers. Maybe more pictures to come?

And here's a Tulip Chase, by the same Vancouver quilter:
EB Tulip Chase

A Dream Posies wallhanging size, from another L (there are a lot of them in my world right now):
LN Dream Posies


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At 12/07/2006 5:47 PM, Blogger Otter Babbled Back:  

Hey girlie....I LOVE that black and white Tulip Chase!!!!
Ick...check my blog to see what I have going on right now. I swear I am going in the sewing room real soon.

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