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December 30, 2006

Christmas TreeI love my Christmas tree. Don't want to take it down. Can't make me do it. Sure wish you all could see how pretty it really is!

There are white lights and blue lights (the blue ones twinkle). There are handmade white Moravian stars, blue foil origami bells, and clear glass balls stuffed with gold tinsel garland. The topper is a huge Moravian star sprinkled with gold glitter, and there's a gold and metallic blue loosely woven ribbon laying along the top of the tree.

And, thanks to Christmas Wish List dot net, I got all kinds of things that I'd been wanting. PLUS I got a couple of Visa gift cards so I can buy myself at least one of the things on the list that wasn't under the tree.

This was a VERY nice Christmas. Pretty low on the stress-o-meter (except for the dinner part... had some timing trouble), very high on the cool-gift-o-meter. With only a couple of exceptions, I've already used each gift I got. At no time did I think, "Oh. Well, it's the thought that counts." I am blessed.


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