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May 23, 2015

Well, wouldja look at that. Another UFO finished.

This one is probably 5 years old. Pieced by my friend Pam as a sample for the shop, once it had done its time as a display I had that audacity (Gasp! Me? No!) to ask if I could have it. Since it wasn't Pam's preferred style (and really, not mine either and that's why I didn't make one myself), she didn't even bat an eye when she handed it over to me.

Then, as I'm sure many of you predicted, it sat in a corndog box for a few years before I decided to quilt it.

The straight-line quilting was actually more difficult for me to do than the free-form feathers in the borders. But I'm on a feather kick right now, so maybe that makes the difference.

The binding, though. I had some lovely sharp corners on this wallhanging. Then I washed it and the binding fabric shrunk more than the body fabric. That doesn't happen often, and I am very happy for that. Bindings aren't hard, but they're fiddly if you are like me and want picture-perfect sharp mitres at the corners. I guess I should have taken a picture those corners before washing (yeah, there's a riveting blog post), but this is luckily the first time and hopefully the last that the shrinkage completely distorted the corners.

If I can find some space on the walls in the guest room, I'll probably hang it there.


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