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March 12, 2015

I'm going to pretend that it hasn't been months since I've written a blog post. All is well, I have been working on projects by the ?illion, and I've actually taken pictures of a lot of things. In my mind, I've shared them all with you.

This is my WIP Wednesday project
(because I remembered to take a picture on Wednesday. It was 5 minutes before midnight, but it was still Wednesday!).

CanCan-ishDone in Sheep-ish yarn (the one with Vickie Howell's face on the label) in the colourway Teal-ish. I love the feel of the yarn, a smooshy acrylic/wool blend. It doesn't split, but if you have to un-knit at all, it doesn't want to play well. The yarn is barely spun (minimal twist), so after it's in a stitch, it holds on for dear life.

The pattern is French Cancan by Mademoiselle C. The pattern is very well-written and the voice of the author is friendly.

The body is all garter stitch (which is boring, but something to do with one's hands when one is sitting in one's comfy chair under a cat), but of course the border is what inspired me to start knitting it.

CanCan-ish border I seriously love this border. I've made two mistakes that I can find (in the border) but they're nowhere near fatal and I'm not going to point them out to you.

The border pattern is kind of memorize-able, though occasionally I find myself zigging when I should be zagging on the cables. Easy fix, though.

I knit on the body of the shawl until I had used two of the four skeins of yarn I bought. The border will use almost two skeins, too. I've just passed the halfway point on the border!

Now all I need to do is actually block the thing when it's finished. I don't want it joining the other FOUR unblocked shawls hanging on my wall. Above the blocking mats. Looking like a collection of some sort of curly seaweed.


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