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October 11, 2013

"Want to help me pack?"  "The Atrocity Archives" by Charles Stross ♦♦♦♦◊

Who doesn't like a giveaway? Especially for those of us who do artsy-fartsy stuff or read or... whatever - the opportunity to 'win' something that an interesting or respected creator has offered is a pleasant hope.

(rant)When one offers an item as a giveaway on a blog or from a business page, one's readers may get excited about the possibility of winning. When one goes on to say, "Go to my Facebook page and LIKE my item then come back here and leave a comment that you did so" one's readers (or maybe just I) feel a little jolt of pissed-off-ed-ness and feel like they were (I was) tricked into getting their (my) hopes up. (I don't do Facebook.)

If you're gonna do that, advertise it as a ^$%@! Facebook Giveaway up front. Some of us have little hope to spare - don't trick us into squandering it on your bait and switch event.

Having said that, overall things are fine here at Casa del Babble. Mom just left after a lovely week-long visit, I'm still employed for now. Today I'd like to curl up with a book or a knitting project and just "be", but I've gotta work this evening. Mr. W. is comparatively fine, MoonPie is adorable and super-sweet as always.


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At 10/11/2013 11:40 PM, Blogger Fiber Babble Babbled Back:  

(via email from Helen)

Can I be your partner in rant? I dont do facebook either and its becomming increasinly harder and harder to find stuff thats not linked to it, since when you do you have to be held to 'like' ransom in order to get a recipe, enter a competition or have fun??? Ok, I will shut up, I love your post though. Was wondering how your mum was doing, sounds like she is doing ok. Wishing you a nice 'me' day off curled up with a book and something made from fibres.

At 10/14/2013 9:27 PM, Blogger Unknown Babbled Back:  

I do Facebook, but don't want anyone telling me what to like. That's my decision. I hate that almost as much as I hate the photos saying 'How many likes for this cute...." Don't tell me what or who to like!!
Rant on!

At 10/18/2013 7:29 PM, Blogger quilton Babbled Back:  

May I add more to your rant. I get off when they say open to USA residents only!!!! Hey, guys, I open it up to the world and my postage costs more than yours.
Glad to see all are well out in the west.

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