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September 01, 2013

And did.  "Shakespeare's Landlord" by Charlaine Harris ♦♦♦◊◊

Heh. There's a last line that makes you think you had to be there.

So, the biggest news these days is that while I'm still employed, I am no longer the Operations Manager at our local Jo-Ann Fabrics store. I stepped down after 3 months in the job. There was drama inflicted on me and I got sucked into it for a couple of weeks. Then I realized that I am a grown up and have the ability to sink or swim... so I got out of the pool. ;-) The full-time $ will be missed, and we were just thiiiiiiis close to having medical insurance, but at the risk of sounding trite, life is too short.

And anyway, if there's gonna be drama, I will be the one to provide it:
 photo crrackup.gif

Birthday Yarn In other news, I had a birthday. Again, the number did not increase so I'm still sitting comfortably at 48. My friends in the knitting community at G+ showered me with knitting and crochet patterns, I had a lovely lunch with some good friends, I scored on both an Amazon gift card and a Jo-Ann's gift card and Mr. W. "got" me this*:

It's 3 shawls' and one miscellaneous item's worth of yarn from KnitPicks.

*I'm sure you can figure out how the conversation went:
"Honey, do you have any plans for my birthday gift?" "Maybe."
(next day) "Honey, have you decided what you're getting me for my birthday?" "Not yet."
(next day) "Honey, are you having problems thinking of what to get me for my birthday?" "Well, I wasn't, but maybe this year you could pick something out for yourse----"


Somewhere in my easily distracted brain I decided that I needed to finish something before casting on with my new yarn. I know! Who am I???

(Sad or embarrassing info here: This picture was taken on July 28.)

So I finished the last 8 or 10 rows of my Afternoon Tea shawl. It had a picot bind-off and I'd never done one before. I made it through with only a bump or two (no pun intended).

I haven't blocked it yet, so it seems pruney and tiny. For some reason my Ravelry page says that there are 12,946 stitches in the shawl before the picot bind off.

Because I count things, you know?

Yes, there have been a few things happening in fabric, too. Mostly though, there's been a lot of avoidance. We had an unplanned visitor in our guest room for a week or so, so all of the stuff that I'd been "storing" in that room got quickly dumped into my sewing closet. Plus a bunch of other things.

The bottom line is that I can't walk in my sewing closet right now. I can barely GET into my sewing closet right now (and it's not really a closet, it's a room but it's small). I need to cull and tidy and clean, but it is just plain overwhelming.

I did make an apron for an online friend for a 'Christmas in July' swap.

Oh! And Wally World has 24-packs of Crayola crayons for 50 cents in their back-to-school sale. I picked up a few boxes. WHEN I get my sewing closet dug out I have an entire bolt of muslin (yay employee discount!) that I can start cutting into blocks for my next crayon adventure!

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At 9/02/2013 6:09 AM, Blogger Gene Black Babbled Back:  

Since I got my loom, I have actually been to Knit Picks. So I am familiar with that merchant.

Sorry the JoAnn's gig didn't work out..but as you say "life is too short"

I didn't realize that you are younger than I am...I am just past 50. Happy birthday!!! late though it may be.

At 9/05/2013 9:49 AM, Blogger Robin Babbled Back:  

Happy late Birthday! You know I just had one too and decided to finally hit the 50's, so I guess I'm still older than you. Your yarns look so soft and the apron is toooooo cute.

Robin in Washington State

At 9/07/2013 7:47 PM, Blogger Edna Babbled Back:  

Happy (late) Birthday Tracy! Your shawl is lovely - good for you for finishing it. I know how easy it is to move on to something new when a current project becomes tedious. My sewing room is also very small so I can relate to the space problem. Take care,

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