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June 24, 2013

Abandoned book "Murder on the Marais" by Cara Black ♦◊◊◊◊

My design wall is currently doing duty as storage for blocks and tops that have not moved on to the next step in their being.

Design Wall 062013 From top left, you can see the instructions for Longview Sewing's Quilting Bee block (#1), then there is the "It's for the Birds" project I created last month. I had a great idea to put this into a quilt full of clever/cute/funny sayings that I've collected, but the more I looked at it, the more it told me it had a home. A very, very nice young lady named Kindra works in Kelso at Grounds For Opportunity, a cafe/coffee shop within shouting distance of the historic train depot. Kindra just makes me smile every time I go in and this little birdie so reminds me of the attitude she seems to have. So, there you are. I've got the border on the birdy, but it kinda melds into the body so I plan to take off the border, add a narrow turquoise flange, then re-attach the border. I met Kindra's mom earlier this week (at Jo-Ann's) and she told me that they're hoping Kindra will be getting another job soon. I'd better get going on this project sooner rather than later!

To the right of the birdy is my turkey. I took a class from my friend Betty last year (before Thanksgiving, of course) and had a great time sewing and cutting and losing stuff and sharing - and NOT being the teacher. Obviously I didn't get the turkey done in time for the holiday (like I ever expected to...) but I've taken it to this Spring's UFO Sew-In and got it this far, at least. He's made with Dresden Plate "blades" that are not completely sewn down so the tail has a bit of texture. The body and words are fused on, and the border is made from a tumbler block cut on the Accuquilt die cutter. As for "Oh Happy Day" rather than "Happy Thanksgiving" I'd guess that might be self-explanatory, especially to family and long-time blog readers.

Any time I get to cook a turkey is a Happy Day for me. Last month I mentioned to Mr. W. that Mom was coming to visit and his first response was, "You'd better pick up a turkey." This wallhanging is not a seasonal decoration in my house. It will be displayed year-round. Yes. It's that serious.

Moving on... the crayon drawing on the next row is a self-portrait a friend did for me - she and another friend are helping me to make some more notebook covers like the one I did in my It's All About ME! post. I'm planning to teach this as a class this autumn, so I'm trying to get some samples together for advertising purposes.

The two quilt blocks are from the Die Cutter's Guild BOM that ended a couple of months ago. I think I actually have all of the blocks made (the last one is covered up in the third row). Now I just need to put them together!

In that third row, the first block is from the Rainy Daze Quilt Guild (in Centralia). Each month Mary puts together baggies of pre-cut pieces with instructions and offers them up to guild members to take one or two (or ten) to make and return at the next meeting. She then puts a (large) quilt together during the month and displays it at the following meeting. These quilts are slated for the community, wherever they are needed. The first one, a log cabin, turned out to be an absolute jewel. This is one of my favourite sections of the guild meeting each month!

Let's see... what's left? The last BOM the Die Cutter's Guild with the first month's block from this year's BOM pinned over it (that would be the pattern and cut fabrics, not the actual block yet!). Next to that, the finished Longview Sewing block #1.

I have a Hello Kitty apron in the works, a Christmas in July project in the works, and of course a "few" BOMs to catch up/keep up with.

In my spare time.
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At 7/02/2013 9:05 AM, Blogger N. Maria Babbled Back:  

I absolutely love the saying of the little bird with a french fry! That really put a smile on my face.

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