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A Five-Pound Bag

April 13, 2013

Abandoned book "Blindsight" by Peter Watts ♦◊◊◊◊

Good morning, all! I have stuff to say - I had an adventure this week, I accomplished something this week, I kinda learned a lesson this week and so much more... BUT

You know that saying that goes something like "trying to shove 100 pounds of sh...tuff into a 5 pound bag"? That's what my morning looks like - I have 10 pounds of to-dos and only a 5 pound bag of time.

I've tried to avoid teasers on the blog, since I have a bad track record of following through, but join me in having high hopes that this evening or tomorrow I'll be back and share all the news that's fit to print.

The real reason I opened my blog client this morning is that I have a deep and compelling need to share this with you.

This makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

I don't know who originally shared gif, I saw it first when Kristin G. shared it on G+. I'd give proper credit if I knew who to thank!


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At 4/13/2013 10:49 AM, Blogger Unknown Babbled Back:  

Here at the Duck we are laughing are butts off - but they are not up in the air!

At 4/15/2013 1:09 PM, Blogger Crispy Babbled Back:  

OMG that is sooooooo funny!!!! Even the big cat doesn't quite know how to react to this kung fu move LOL.


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