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Spring Slugfest 2012

April 02, 2012

"Joe came back."  "Rough Country" by John Sandford ♦♦♦♦◊

Hmmm. This is the first time I've used Blogger's new "improved" interface. My Preview button doesn't give me what I want to see. If it looks funny when I publish, I'll try again. Sorry, if that's what ends up happening.

The Slugfest doesn't refer to a knock-down, drag-out fight, it refers to my mindset and physical activity!

I spent a couple of weeks during March being fairly manic. One day I was doing the double espresso one-armed paperhanger thing at work, the next day at home I was a slug in front of the puter or in my comfy chair. The busy days were a blast, I'm certainly not complaining - but the 'recovery' time made me feel a bit guilty. Fortunately things have gotten back to semi-normal, so while I'm still not flying through my UFO pile, I'm at least slowly getting back into the yarn/fabric projects that I want to do.

Let's see. The Poinsettia Starburst stalled when I took two days "off" (slugfest) before the deadline. I'd gotten to the point of having to piece the border and my sewing room was a scary place so I procrastinated. In my comfy chair.

I'm starting to think more positively about getting back to the project (in addition, it's really in my way in its current form!). Now that I can see my sewing table, I'm moving the project to my top 3.

I didn't feel all that terrible for missing the deadline for entry, since I had encouraged the gals from Rainy Daze Quilt Guild (Chehalis, WA) to enter this beauty in the show. It won both Judge's Choice and People's Choice! The prize for at least one of those awards was $100 credit at the warehouse. What a boon to the guild, and I feel a sense of responsibility for putting them on the path.

The guild is selling raffle tickets for the quilt as their year's fundraiser for supplies for next year's charity projects. The tickets are a dollar each, the drawing is in August some time. If you want to get in on the fun, you can email me & I'll hook you up with some tickets.

There's more to say, but I gotta get ready to go teach a couple of quilting classes and ring some bells.

But, hey, everyone! I'm still here!


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At 4/02/2012 2:22 PM, Blogger AdrieneJ Babbled Back:  

The Judge's Choice and the People's Choice is my choice as well! What a stunner! How sweet that you shared your prize with the guild. I bet they're so proud of you.

At 4/02/2012 6:29 PM, Anonymous Gimpy Cat Babbled Back:  

Ahhh its nice to see you blogging again, I always enjoy reading your posts. I was wondering how your quilt was coming along, looking forward to seeing it with borders. The guilds quilt is just stunning, good on you for encouraging them to enter it, all the different blocks and the way its put together - awesome. If I lived there and had some greenbacks Id buy tickets - did you buy some for yourself? Enjoy your slug time, we all need it and you are pretty busy with working and teaching. Glad to hear bells are still ringing too. Hows Moonpie?

At 4/08/2012 6:14 PM, Blogger quilton Babbled Back:  

I must say I was beginning to wonder if perhaps you had moved and hadn't left a forwarding address. I also have to say, I have missed you. I love your poinsettia quilt and will anxiously await its completion. Yes, that is me talking the one that is never formal about anything.
The guild quilt is absolutely stunning. Good luck with the fundraising.

At 4/14/2012 9:26 PM, Blogger golo8 Babbled Back:  

I absolutely want to buys some tickets... glad your back blogging missed you....

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