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February 21, 2012

Perfect, in fact.  "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen ♦♦♦♦◊

Over a month ago a friend of mine sent me an email and evah-so-gently suggested that I enter a quilt into a show that's coming up.

I shopped for fabric, decided that I wanted to do something artsy-fartsy and bright, and came up with a killer idea for an abstract of a common sewing/quilting themed item. I drew out the pattern and put it up on the design wall at the shop. While standing back and wondering if anyone would be able to identify the item or if it was too abstract, I thought about turning the pattern in quarter turns to see what it did.

What it did was turn into a fish (this is the actual picture, not my drawing!)(because I had to tell you that, right?).

What has been seen cannot be unseen. I don't want to make a fish.

Let's go to Plan B, shall we? Denise Russart has a pattern called Poinsettia Starburst that's been in my 'wanna-do' pile for a while, so here I go. I've re-designed the borders a bit, but that's in the future (because I have sooooo much time to do that between now and the March 5 deadline).

MoonPie helped me put the pattern together and mark it up. (I made my first SMILEBOX photo compilation with more pictures of MoonPie helping me. It might be HERE.)

The 4½ hour train trip to Mom's last week was enough to trace all of the petals onto fusible web. A little bit of down time while at Mom's allowed me to windowpane (cut out the centers) the petals.

This afternoon I pressed the fusible onto the fabrics (9 flowers/fabrics, each with 10-14 pieces). The fabrics are red-orange to orange to yellow-orange; the background will be a light aqua, the border a blue-green batik.

This evening I'll watch something on TV while cutting out the individual petals and putting them in 9 envelopes to keep each flower together.

Because I have two whole weeks to get this fused and quilted and bound.

Piece of cake.


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