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November 15, 2011

And as The Traveler approached them they rose up to heaven, keening and calling to each other.  "The Traveler" by John Twelve Hawks ♦♦◊◊◊

Heh. Do you know what a BFINM is? Best Friend I Never Met. I have a few; some I met through blogging, some through organized online groups, some through the two forums in which I am active(ish). These are people with whom I have something in common, whether is a fiber-related passion or a way of looking at life (or both). These are frends who will send me emails like this:

Oh where, oh where has my blogger friend gone,
Oh where, oh where can she be
It's been one long month since I've seen her post
Oh where, oh where can she be.

Heh. Okay.

Pam, my coworker at the shop, had a pretty major surgery that didn't go as smoothly as she expected, so she's been away for at least a month. While we have a couple of wonderful women who can step in and sub for her, I've also been taking on an extra shift or two.

It's heading into the holiday season, so that means bells-bells-bells-bells. I have 5 concerts scheduled between this Saturday and the week before Christmas. I've developed what seems to be bell-related anxiety attacks. Seriously. I've figured out that it's some sort of hold-over from the stress of the quartet's performance. Fortunately the 'attacks' are not debilitating, but I feel queasy-butterfly-ish most times of the day right now and it's also affecting my sleep. I'm actually going to see a doctor about it and hopefully we'll be able to do something. Quitting bells is not an option at this point, or, if I have any control, at any point in the future.

We at the shop just came off of two back-to-back Quilt Shop Hops: Southwest Washington Quilt for a Cure and Lewis & Clark Trail Shop Hop. That meant staying open some additional hours and also being open on Sundays. I had a blast, by the way - but at the end of each day my arse was made of lead and the floor was carpeted in magnets.

I knit a pair of socks for Socktoberfest.


"Charybdis" by Fiona Lucas

Spring Forward

and "Toe Up Spring Forward Socks", a Linda Welch pattern adapted by 'Avalonne'.

The yarn was Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight in colorway "Indigo". (Wha?) I liked working with the yarn, but it loses its memory fast and the socks stretch out until washed again. Someone told me that was because of the bamboo content. I dunno.

Abandon Sock!I started a third sock before the end of October, but the print in the yarn and the pattern I chose didn't play well together. At all.

No progress to report on the chicken. I'm hoping to finish it up next week, while I'm off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will laugh at myself (and admit it to you) if I find that I've been procrastinating for almost two months over something that takes me 10 minutes to finish!

Oh, yes - and it is Thanksgiving next week! My favorite holiday of them all!

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At 11/17/2011 4:30 AM, Blogger quilton Babbled Back:  

It is so good to see you back. I missed reading your blog. Please don't stay away so long again. Oh and yes, the doc can do something about those anxiety attacks. I used to get them over things like going to eat in a new restaurant. That happened because of food poisoning. I got over it......sort of!

At 11/17/2011 5:52 PM, Blogger golo8 Babbled Back:  

Finally !!!! Missed your babbling. Loved the socks... when do you find time to knit.. read.. quilt... and work and take care of Mr. W....

At 11/19/2011 7:29 PM, Blogger Linda Babbled Back:  

Yes, I missed you too. I'm glad you're kinda back. Babble when you can, ring when you can and eat some turkey. Thanksgiving and Fall is my favorite time of the year too. BTW, I liked your blace lace insert. Now, don't get too stressed out. Enjoy yourself and come back and keep on babbling.
When you get a chance, come over and babble on my blog real quickly. I'm having a book giveaway and I'm sure you will like it. Take care and happy holidays.
Linda at http://living4quilting.blogspot.com/

At 12/17/2011 6:20 AM, Blogger Ivory Spring Babbled Back:  

Beautiful socks!

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