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September 07, 2011

And a man was surely entitled to call his own publishers.  "A Mind to Murder" by P.D. James ♦♦♦♦◊

I've realized that a while back when I said I had so many things to show and tell you I really did, but that was so last month that I'll just start afresh today.

KAL shotFirst up is a shawl I'm doing as a KAL (Knit-A-Long). This is just past Chart B (of D) on the Google+ Bashful Butterflies KAL. The first ever KAL of its kind in that it's on G+, a fairly new game in town. I've "met" some really nice people during the KAL including the designer, Julia Temisevä. The pattern is (again) Bashful Butterflies (ravelry link), a small-ish lace shawl. You can see a picture of the original at Julia's blog HERE, and another finished one on different blogger's site here: Crafty Girly. You can click to biggify on that blog post and see what an amazing job she's done and look at all the wonderful detail.

Chart B closeYou know, I do own yarn in colors other than red. (Yes, that's red again, though on my monitor it looks pretty pink-y) Oh. You're looking at a close-up of the "Butterflies".

Moonpie on Chart BAaaand the I'm-sensing-a-theme-here picture of my very conscientious helper.

I seriously considered knitting the shawl in white so that the cat hair didn't show up so much...

OCT BlockYou might remember that I mentioned I volunteered to host a block swap over on one of my forums (the same one that hosted the bookmark swap, now that I think of it)

I got my first block completed - I have all of the backgrounds sewn together and all of the applique pieces cut out, it's just a matter of fusing them together now.

OCT borderHere's the fabric I chose for the border. It's an In The Beginning fabric, a Christmas print from about 2 years ago. I got it on a pretty killer sale at the shop last month.

The swap sign-ups finally closed with 17 participants from all over the world. We will each make 16 blocks, send them to the host (that would be me) and then I'll mix them up and send 16 different blocks back to all of the participants. Half of the participants have been instructed to lean (their trees) to the left, half to the right.

Yes, I know you can't really do half and half when you have 17 participants. Gimme a break - with this group it truly is like herding cats!

Chicken Feet kindaLastly, I've started working on BossLady's birthday present (her birthday is on Sunday). What you're seeing (aside from the helpful cat) is not going to turn into anything that is remotely questionable in the taste department, but apparently that's what Sparkly Chicken feet look like before they're sewn together.

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At 9/07/2011 7:15 PM, Blogger Esther Aliu Babbled Back:  

What a beautiful shawl, I really like the stitch detail, it's nice when handwork gets better the closer you look at it!

Oh no, you have reminded me that talk of Christmas is just around the corner!!

At 9/10/2011 7:40 PM, Blogger Glenda Babbled Back:  

What a beautiful beautiful shawl. Oh how I love red. CHeers Glenda

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