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It's Finally Christmastime

December 15, 2010

Abandoned book "Muletrain to Maggody" by Joan Hess ♦◊◊◊◊

Mom & I have this "thing": it's not really the Christmas season until one of us hears Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano on the radio. Okay. Maybe it's just my "thing" but Mom humors me.

Using that indicator, on Sunday the 12th it officially became Christmas for me/us. The good (and fairly surprising) news is that I've got most of my shopping done. Last week we mailed the gifts that needed to be mailed.* I even have most of the 'stay at home' gifts wrapped (I LIKE wrapping presents).

I don't think I'll be wrenching anything out of joint patting myself on the back just yet, though. Just this morning when I was marking things off of my list of things to get I came up with a couple of perfect additions to gifts that are already purchased. In more than one case, these 'perfect' additions involve me actually MAKING something.

The gifts are okay as they are, so if I choose to NOT try to overachieve in the next week they'll still "do". They'd just "do" much better with the additions. We'll see.

Gingerbread TossBut look! A picture of Gingerbread Toss in the same month it was made! What a concept!

This is another of the (Accuquilt) die-cut quilts. It looks like I'll be making one of these about every 2 months. We started with Leaf Toss in October, Gingerbread Toss is now in December. In February we'll do something like Valentine Toss, and there are plans for the rest of next year, too.

The quilt top only takes me about 2½ hours to put together after it's cut. I'm just wondering when I'll have or take the time to finish these quilt tops!

*Today's the day I'm mailing the final gift to my Secret Quilting Sister, so I can't truthfully say I'm completely finished with the mailing quite yet.

Oh, and there are no decorations (or tree) out yet. We're waiting for Mom to arrive to do that. At least, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it

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At 12/15/2010 12:18 PM, Blogger quilton Babbled Back:  

Tracy, I do like those "toss" quilts. I'll have to try a couple in the New Year when life isn't quite so hectic.
Merry Christmas to you and yours and remember it doesn't matter whether it gets done or not....its the thought that counts.

At 12/16/2010 4:01 AM, Blogger Crispy Babbled Back:  

Congrats on having such a great handle on the Christmas thing!! My Christmas is totally stress free, no decorating and I only buy one present...for my granddaughter. I LOVE stress free Christmas'


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