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Still Stuck in April

June 08, 2009

Abandoned book "The Kitchen God's Wife"   by Amy Tan ♦◊◊◊◊ *A Note about my rating and review: At the time of the review there were only three readers out of 8,349 ratings who didn't give it 3 stars or more (and the other two were more generous with 2 stars). I don't get it - but this probably says more about me and my reading preferences than it does about the story and the author's ability to tell it.

There's still time to enter my 200th post giveaway of an apron or covered journal. Drawing will be on June 10.

April Bunny Hill
This is my second attempt at the Bunny Hill Designs' A Tisket a Tasket April BOM.

April Bunny Hill rejectThere really wasn't anything fatally wrong with the first incarnation except that the design wasn't centered well on the background. I centered the basket rather than taking into account the extra width with the little chick. In this diagonal set, there's just not a lot of fudge room.

If you click-to-big, you might be able to see the extra strip that I've laid next to the block to make it look centered for the picture (that was back when I was trying to figure out how to salvage it).

Oh, and I wasn't all that impressed with the dark chocolate fabric. There wasn't enough of a difference in it to be able to see the different bunny body parts.

(Oh, and unrelated? I tried to link that last photo from flickr. Failed yet again. Grrr. Had to save to Photobucket.)

In the giveaway post I showed my poor rejected bunny from the Ellie's Quiltplace April BOM that just had the bad fortune to be put on the wrong background. I think I have already confessed to a couple of people that the replacement bunny is bass-ackwards (I stuck the head on the rear and the cottontail on the neck).

So that's two bunny orphans and a maiming. April was not a good month for bunnies and BOMs around here.


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At 6/10/2009 10:07 AM, Blogger Carrie P. Babbled Back:  

Both blocks are cute but I see what you mean. In the first one it looks like there is a bite out of the bunny's ear.
I have had times like you had too. Sometimes you do need to start over or you won't be happy.
Hope this month is better for you.

At 6/10/2009 10:08 AM, Blogger Brenda Babbled Back:  

OMG! YOu are a bunny disaster! But I'll give you credit for not giving up, I would have been soooo done with it. Patience...one of the virtues I'm still working on, LOL!

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