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Something Completely Different

June 25, 2009

Abandoned book "Dance of Death" by Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child  ♦♦◊◊◊

I know that I've been dangling the "Something Completely Different" line in front of you for awhile now - today I have an added incentive to show you that left turn I've made.

There are probably only two readers of my blog who realize that I can (and do) actually do this:

Stitchery closeup

As with most of my other BOM's, I'm painfully behind on this one - "Quilters' Blessings" by Bea over at Capricorn Quilts.

You might be wondering exactly HOW far behind I am on these blocks: I am so far behind that the next BOM, "Once Upon a Time" has already posted six blocks (months). :sigh:

Quilters' Blessings mainI enlarged Block #1 to 8" square. It will be the centerpiece of the quilt that these blocks will eventually inspire.

The remaining blocks (so far blocks 2-8 of 16) are their original size of about 6".

QB Stitchery

I have a number of stitchery BOM's that I'm following (aka collecting) with grand plans. These include Gail Pan's A Christmas Wish BOM, Bea's newest: Once Upon a Time, Jenny's completed Wonky Houses, Tozz's On My Heart BOMs and Jenny's ongoing Shabby Roses BOM.

Jenny has possibly single-handedly destroyed any hopes I had of catching up or keeping up with any ongoing stitchery project - she keeps publishing new "I gotta have it" patterns, like Oopsie Daisies (the pattern that got me to make my first Etsy purchase) and her most recent: Shabby Roses Christmas. I've been strong on this last one (so far) but I'm pretty confident that she just needs to publish a couple of companion blocks and I'll be looking up my Etsy username and password again.

Now, I know all of this is a lot to digest at once: A whole 'nother side to my over-achieving, over-committing fiber mania...

But wait! There's more!

Check this out:
Night Before Christmas

Look what I found in my morning bloglines reading! Helen of Hugs 'n Kisses has published a new pattern for Christmas. This one just flat out grabs me.

As you've probably already surmised, the last thing I need is another stitchery obsession project. But how can I pass this one up???

Helen is a mightily talented designer. She does this extremely cool thing - she uses her Colorqué technique to turn what is already cool stitchery into amazing art. Learning/trying this technique has been on my list of things to do since I discovered her work. She has been generously involved with the comfort quilt projects for the victims of the Victorian bushfires earlier this year. Helen's generousity extends also to sharing some free stitchery patterns, technique tutorials, and she even developed/hosted a mystery quilt-along earlier this year. It is definitely worth filling your coffee/teacup and spending some quality time wandering around her blog and store site.

Next time... Spring Mini Quilt Swap pictures! Hang on, Wanda... they're on their way!!


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At 6/25/2009 1:54 PM, Blogger Carrie P. Babbled Back:  

Your blocks are fantastic. Yes, that pattern by Helen is really cute. I am resisting.

At 6/26/2009 1:10 PM, Blogger Bea Babbled Back:  

Whow! I love your stitcheries! Thanks for puplish all the pics. AND thanks for the tipp withHelens newest pattern! How great!

At 6/29/2009 1:00 PM, Blogger Quilter Kathy Babbled Back:  

Whoa...talk about an overachiever! Are you really going to do all these stitchery projects?!?!?
I am working like a snail on the QUilter's Blessing series. I am close to finishing and just wish I would focus and get it done! I am collecting Gail's blocks and hope to do it for a Christmas gift, but I am not starting anything else...really, I am drawing the line there! I hope!

At 7/01/2009 3:57 AM, Blogger Deb Babbled Back:  

Wholly cow FB you are so busy and your blocks are so gorgeous!! what great ideas you have to reinvent the wheel and make these patterns your own...your imagination never ceases to amaze me.

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