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January 31, 2009

"In fact, I'd be honored." "Dead Wrong" by J.A. Jance ♦♦♦♦◊

You know, I'm just going to have to systematically run through my photobucket albums to figure out what I have and haven't shared with you. I still haven't shared the "last November" stuff that I alluded to a couple of posts ago... don't know if I'll get to it today or not.

Let's start with a UFO (I started in my main "Quilting" album on photobucket). Last fall in my post, "Quilt Something!" I talked about the need for a quilted wallhanging in the guest/storage room and admitted that I found more than one option of perfectly matching/coordinating blocks that could be easily turned into what I wanted.

True Friends WH
Archive Photo

It's not done yet. I know I know, I found it and told you about it at the beginning of last November. I did get right on it- added a narrow border and a wider border, then basted it (backed with bleached muslin) and commenced to designing a quilting motif for it.

My grand plan was to quilt from the back so that I could use some pretty and variegated thread on the white muslin (which I did. am doing.). I just put bobbin thread in the bobbin, so the quilting hardly shows up on the front, except for when the light hits it and the front isn't just a flat piece. It's a good thing I used the bobbin thread, too, but I made a right mess of (hah!) centering the motif on the back. Sheesh. I used chalk and measured and drew lines and dusted off lines and pinned and all kinds of things, but once the quilting began it was obvious that I was a little a lot outta line - the motif was not properly placed on the front.

I got a lot quilted on it, but for some reason had to set it aside (lemme go look in my journal and I'll tell you why...). Oh. It took over a week to get the borders, backing, batting, basting, motif designing and marking done. Then there were a couple of days that I actually quilted. Then on November 17 the entry says only, "slug." Heh. Oops. That translates to "Sat on my butt and stared at the TV all day and didn't do any crocheting, knitting, stitching other activities except maybe eating peanut butter straight from the jar."

So the wallhanging/faux headboard didn't get done by Thanksgiving, when it could have been appreciated in it's capacity as a guest room decoration. It didn't get done by Christmas (or what passed for Christmas at our house) when again it could have enhanced the bland guest room.

It's still not done, but I'll at least show you some of the quilting I'm doing on it:

Posies Border Motif

You know, the silly thing is only 48" wide. And I'm finished with two-thirds of the hard part (the more complicated quilting). I wonder what I'm waiting for?

Posies Quilting


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At 2/01/2009 8:53 AM, Blogger Darcie Babbled Back:  

Love the idea of that being a faux headboard! I may have to beg, borrow, or just steal that idea from you, T.

And LOVE the quilting!!! Super creative!

At 2/19/2009 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

T i just LOVE this .. you've done a wonderful job .. and just love the fact that I'm not the only one that SLUGs ... peanut butter from the jar included ;)


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