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December 02, 2008

And he leaned down to press his cold lips once more to my throat.  "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer ♦♦♦♦◊

I'm about to create my Wordle for the November FiberBabble posts. I predict that the word Turkey will be the most frequently used word. (Yeah, that's a real stretch to imagine, isn't it?)

Okay. Today was the first day I've been back at my sewing machine in over 10 days.

Of course, I had to un-bury my sewing table and ironing surface and pretty much any other flat surface - including parts of the floor - to be able to function, but when I have to turn the storage room into a guest room, the boxes and sh-tuff have to be shoved somewhere!

While un-burying, I found or gathered the partially finished Christmas gifts and put them on the bed in the storage/guest room. I also printed out a couple of patterns and put them in there, along with the fabric or yarn (or whatever!) I needed for the un-started Christmas gifts.

I found that I have more done than I thought - and it's really helpful to have everything in one place so I can see what is yet to be done.

SO, for progress - in addition to the archaeological dig in the sewing room, I've finished machine quilting a large lap quilt for my grandson and I've put the borders on a large lap quilt for my granddaughter. I think I'll muck with one of the border corners, it seems to be "tight" - almost like the corner of the blocks need to squeeze in to fit the border. Minimal ripping and re-sewing, so I'm good.

The few hours I've spent doing these things are probably all I'm going to put in tonight - my body's not really used to sitting at the machine - or, let's face it, being upright - as much as I have been today. This evening I'll sit in front of House and Fringe and The Mentalist (yeah, something will be recorded in there) and finish up a knitted hat for my grandson.

Oh! The hat!

Cast on, T2
Cable cast on, size US 10 needles, 72 sts. Mistake rib(-bish) 2 rows red, 4 rows white, 6 rows red, switch to stockinette in white.

I was thinking of using more red toward the crown, but I don't want the top of his head to look like a target, you know? ;-)

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