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December 03, 2008

What the hell.  "The Golden Spiders" by Rex Stout ♦♦♦♦◊

Nov Wordle

Heh. Turkey. Yum.

finished hatI finished the hat last night. I purposely made it a bit shallow, more like what I assume is a 'skater' hat than a keep-your-ears-and-cheeks-warm hat.

The kinda pattern, continued from the previous post, is 11 rows of stockinette, then k6, k2 together until the end of the round. K the next row. Continue decreasing (k5, k2tog; k4, k2tog etc.) separating each decrease row with a 'plain' knit row.

decrease pattWhen you reach k1, k2tog don't do the follow-up plain row, but go straight to k2 together on the next TWO rows. You should end up with 8 stitches to finish off, and a cool swirlish decrease pattern.

He's requested a scarf to go with the hat (it now occurs to me that maybe his mom told him to pick something made of yarn that wasn't a special design?), so if he does indeed want/need a hat for warmth, he will have a scarf as backup.

I think I'll make the scarf more red than white. He is a boy and he is 8½ years old - mostly white might not be the best choice!

My Sit and Chat project while my mom was here ended up going home with her. Shucky darn, I guess I'll have to make another for me... After I figured out the pattern, it went pretty quickly. I give you... Frosty:

I wonder how long it will take for Grace to send me her snail mail address?

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At 12/03/2008 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

gee as along as it takes for me to check my stats and see the incoming link from your blog to mine LMAO

i'll send it under private cover


and he's CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!


At 12/03/2008 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  


btw - AWESOME job on the hat!!


At 12/06/2008 7:26 AM, Blogger Darcie Babbled Back:  

That snowman is adorable!!!

Great job on the hat too! It is very skater-esque. I like the idea of the red being dominant in the scarf. You will show us the scarf project, won't you?!

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