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The Lost is Found - With an Award!

October 15, 2008

"I know." "Indigo Slam" by Robert Crais ♦♦♦♦◊

So, I was busier than usual with out-of-the-house activities. Then I was a bit under the weather. And then the weather changed and I got funky (as in in-a-funk, not get-down-get-funky). So, I kept up with most of my emails, sewed a few seams, knit a few rows, read a few chapters and watched a few shows. And I'm not being literary (or intentionally poetic) - I'm being literal. Just a few of each!

While I was kinda out of it, Edna honored me (my blog?) with an award (for which I did thank her in a timely manner via email, so my mom doesn't have to disown me for being totally rude):

Ugly Mug Award! It's the I Love Your Ugly Mug Award!

Conceived by Megan over at The Bitchy Stitcher (oi! After you recover from reading her blog description, pop on over and check out her Binding Tutorial for Beginners), the thinking behind the award is
Something to honor any blogger who crafts, sews, quilts - you know, makes stuff - no matter how crappy (or how good). A way to say - I like your blog, like your stuff, and I'm pretty sure you have a good sense of humor. (Quoted from here.)

That in itself is pretty cool. But the nice things that Edna said about why she bestowed the award upon us were just so cool. I felt all Sally Field there for an afternoon... (I always wonder: When I make references like that, do they really need to be explained? I can guess that my U.K. reader(s) might not immediately get the reference, but what about my friends in Canada?) ...where was I? Oh, yes. Edna said very nice things about us (my blog and me).

Now, about Edna. I think she's fairly new to the land o'Blog, but as soon as I found her I got the feeling that we'd get on well. I wrote her and told her something to that effect. Then I started treating her like many of my other online and in-person friends. I didn't call, I didn't write. Dear Edna, it's not you. I am an equal-opportunity ignorer. Actually, I'm not an ignorer, I'm a procrastinator. I want to send an email that says more than "I'm not lying in a ditch all bloody and dehydrated but wearing clean underwear", but something with substance. So of course that can't just be whipped out in a minute or two. So I put it off until I feel the muse. Or the guilt. Guilt frequently arrives before the muse.

To continue in (or encourage) the tradition of showing you my ugly mug, here's my coffee cup, which I don't think is ugly at all:

my mugThis is the cup I drink from every day, multiple times. (It's a Block Party Studios mug, though I don't see it for sale on their website)

I could probably provide references to verify that the motto on the mug is not a joke. Mr. W. would be the first to nod in the affirmative!

So, here's the part where I'm supposed to bestow this award to three more bloggers. You know how hard that is, right? If I go by blog personality, I can come up with three (or more). If I go by creativity and inspiration or by blogs I know I will laugh at/with or bloggers that cause me to utter, "Damn straight" or "You go, girl" with refreshing frequency - well, you get the point. The blogs that I routinely follow all appeal to me (DUH, would I follow something I don't enjoy?) for some reason or another.

My unscientific way to choose this time is to pick three of the blogs whose owners I think I would be so comfortable with in person that there would be no such thing as a "first meeting" - we'd just pick up as though we'd just seen one another last weekend.

There's Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe, who has such a warm heart, a little bit of an off-center sense of humor, and is such a cute little scaredy-cat quilter. (heheheh)

There's Grace at Grace's Qzone who apparently never sleeps, is generous with her time and talent, and might just possibly be as bilingual as I am (bilingual - that's code for language that makes your mother cringe).

There's Susy at My Knitting Machines and Me and This is My Life. What can I say? Susy's the one who I most frequently say "You go, girl!" to because she can ride horse/soapbox/broom with the best of us (and you know by that I mean ME).

She does amazing things with a knitting machine (actually quite a number of knitting machines!) and she shares her techniques and discoveries via YouTube videos - that's a lot of time and work! Susy seems to be equal-opportunity, though - she'll show you something that went horribly wrong as easily as she shows the projects that are just stunning.

So that's it. Almost a random three, because there are many other bloggers with whom I would love to "do lunch".

Thank you again, E, for the award - let's do lunch, okay?!


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At 10/15/2008 5:36 PM, Blogger Edna Babbled Back:  

You got it girl!! We will definitely do lunch *VBG* Where are we goin?? AND I totally get the "Sally Field" thing! BTW you and I are far TOO much alike. Were we separated at birth?


At 10/16/2008 6:50 AM, Blogger Brenda Babbled Back:  

OMG! I'm flattered...to think I was having a bad day (just because the lady who cut my hair didn't realize my left and my right side should be the same length...or is that 80's look back and no one bothered to tell me?) Well, say no more. I am now an award winning blogger with an unusual haircut...not just a crazy looking woman with a bad haircut! Woo-Hoo! I'm a celebrity. Should I still go and have this haircut fixed or should I just go post about my award on my blog? HMMM hard choice...

At 10/16/2008 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

heh .. i'm a little late with this - thank you T :)

honoured and pleased - but that goes without saying ... and you're right . it IS hard to pick just 3 :)

hugs and lunch works for me


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