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Sassy Apron Swap, round 2

May 21, 2008

BREAKING NEWS! As I prepare to publish this post, my stat counter says that this here blog is EIGHT visits away from 10,000 visitors!!! Woo-hoo!

Yes, I have already mentioned that I've joined the summer round of the
Sassy Apron Swap. Yes, I've blog-stalked the person for whom I am making an apron (she's really cute, and has a great looking family!).

Yes, I went shopping at Fabric Depot and got

for the apron.

I've even got the apron all made - finished, I say, finished!


One of the 'requirements' for this swap is that the apron has some kind of embellishment (yes, I've already done the Reader's Digest Condensed whine about this).

I spent a large part of yesterday fussing around, trying different things for (washable) embellishments. I've been to the library, where I picked up a book about beaded embellishments. I've surfed, looking for ideas. I've spent a morning in a fabric/craft store, just trolling for ideas. I've leafed through magazines, and sat in my sewing room, just staring at the finished apron, hoping for some inspiration.


And through the magic of the world-wide-web, we fast forward to later in the day...
So, now that I've whined in person and elsewhere online about being 'embellishment-challenged', I've gotten some good suggestions.
Okay, one was along the lines of "Get over yourself. Do this." Complete with tossing something into my shopping basket and walking - nay, stalking away. What are friends for?
Aren't you glad you didn't have to read through the entire whine-fest?

So, Dear Swap Partner, I'm back on track. I hope you won't be disappointed. I promise to make the embellishments washable. And removable. Just in case. It's not like I'll ever know....


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