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May 24, 2008

On May 22 at 01:53:24 pm, my blog received it's 10,000th click. (Yay!)

Here's what I know about the visitor: It was most likely a she. She came from the Quiltville Chat Yahoo! group. She uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, has Windows XP. Her ISP is routed through Herndon, Virginia, USA.

I did a bit of sleuthing on the Quiltville group roster and I've narrowed it down to whom I think the visitor was. So now the question is, what do I do about it?

Dear 10,000th visitor: Thank you for making that historic click. If I knew you were coming, I'd'a baked a cake.

I am so lame. There oughta be some sort of prize. I'll think on that.

Okay, so since I'm wallowing in blog traffic stats, I have a couple of questions:

Who is my visitor from (around) Lufkin, TX?
And who's in Tulsa?

(Pssst.... that's a hint to email or comment and identify yourselves)

Other than Portland visitors - whom I have a chance of actually knowing - my Tulsa and Lufkin visitors are by far the most frequent visitors. Ms. (?) Texas has made 86 visits (clicks) since April 11th.

Neither visitor comes through a link from somewhere else that I can see (as in, it looks as though they have me on bookmark or something).

Thank you both - thank you all - for visiting my blog. I know that posts are a bit spotty at times, so thanks for checking back.

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At 5/26/2008 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

I don't know that I am THE Texas visitor from AROUND Lufkin because I'm actually from much farther southeast Texas, closer to Houston than Lufkin. But, I've learned that you don't take anything for granted with these things - if the IP address is linked to Consolidated, it is likely me.
I "know" you from yahoo groups (One Stitch at a Time, I think), and found your blog when you "helped" me with your wallet tutorial back before Christmas.

The reason I think it's likely me is:
1) I do have your blog addy bookmarked
2) I do generally visit at least once at day, to see if you've updated your blog (you are much better about it than I am with mine)
3) I'm bad about not commenting but LOVE LOVE LOVE the stained glass quilt window thing, which was SPECTACULAR!

Thanks for the help with the wallets back at Christmas - they were a big hit!

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