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1st Apron Swap a Success!

March 08, 2008

My new apron!

Here is the apron that I received from my swap partner. It could not have been any more perfect. I am stunned, thrilled, and generally tickled pink with my newest apron.

Toweled UpI asked and found that my partner is a self-professed (confessed?) blog-stalker. She took heed of my new-found love of a waist tie that comes all the way around to the front so I can save my dishtowel from the soup. (She is SO clever!)

(And, no, my left arm is not nearly as skinny as it looks in this picture. I mean, yes, I have wimpy arms - no excuses of being "big boned" for me - but the picture looks just plain scary!)

Another viewTaking a lucky guess (or subconsciously noting the preponderence of things denim while blog-stalking), my partner scored big-time with the choice of dark denim. The perfect fabric. Of course, the denim apron kinda gets hidden(ish) when worn over the denim jeans, so here I've gotten fancy with one of Mr. W.'s dishtowels (yes, his are different than mine) so's you can see how dad-burned CUTE the apron is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The swap partner for whom I made an apron has received hers, too. As I expected, she said that she'll have to adjust the neck strap. Something about boobage...

By the way, checking in on her blog, I have come to the conclusion that she may be certifiable. She seems to be starting a Baby Jane - with young kids? And while moving? Lord, to be young again....

And seriously, is it a trend that I missed, or was I just extremely lucky that both my swappER and swapEE are quilters*? How cool is that?

I will keep the Sassy Apron Swap blog in my bloglines feed, anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to play (and without a massive SQP deadline looming- it will be heaven!). Thank you, Lucy, for hosting!

*In quilting news, I'm still in the land of the SQP. Less than 2 weeks before the unveiling. If I had the time to panic, I would, but it's quilt, quilt, sleep, quilt, quilt, sleep these days. Blogging/email-reading time is justified by allowing me to change chairs, positions, visual-focus. So there.


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At 3/09/2008 5:28 PM, Blogger Sweet P Babbled Back:  

I love your denim apron. It's very cute.

At 3/09/2008 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

I'm certifiable?! Lol. I'll take that as a compliment! =)

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