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Mardi Gras Prototype

February 13, 2008

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Pattern: Mardi Gras (free!) from
Dorothy's Home Goods

Mods - widened the pattern by 2", fully lined.

Ignored instructions for neck and waist ties.

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The waist tie was made using the full WOF (approx 42") so that I could wrap it around and tie in front, allowing me a place to "hang" a dishtowel.

I figured out that, apron or not, I usually have a dishtowel hanging on my shoulder. Maybe if it's hanging at my waist I won't so frequently have to test my lightning-quick reflexes by catching the dishtowel before it falls in the soup (or sink).

While I think it is terribly cute, it seems a bit skinny... I mean, I haven't test-driven the apron with clouds of flour and an out-of-control mixer, but, well, I guess I think that I need more coverage. "Saying" it out loud sounds kinda silly, but there's no butt coverage and my spare tire is hanging out on the sides.

What do you think? Am I being unreasonable? Too hard on the design? Remember, I'm proto-typing to find an apron to send to a total stranger (who is likely not quite as fluffy around the mid-section as I am).

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At 2/15/2008 2:31 PM, Blogger Kyla Nicole Babbled Back:  

When I first saw it (because we all look at the pictures before actually reading the post...right?), I though it was a very flattering shape. I stared at that lower one for a few moments, re-remembering how tall you are O.o The body of the apron being so light gives the illusion of a Coke-bottle shape, imho.

I think if you made the ties a darker color than the main body of the apron, it would help camouflage the horizontal lines running across your midsection.

Oh yeah...I always have a dishtowel over my shoulder, as well. I don't have many problems with it falling into the soup, though, because my dishtowels prefer to drag on the burners, and catch fire =X

I've also grown to love the floursack towels....finally ;)


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