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January 17, 2008

I figured I ought to put the "January" part in the title, since sharing random thoughts here may become a trend. Right about now, that's all my brain is capable of, I think.

Let's see... stealth knitting is still underway. Actually it stalled halfway through the project. Is it still halfway if the half I've done is the easy half?

I cast on for a new pullover (for me). The first time I worked these sleeves, the cable was not centered, as shown in the crap-tastic photo to your left. (The cable was also not reversed for the other sleeve, but I'm sure it's no surprise that I fixed that!)

I posted a ? to my Ravelry group. I contacted someone on Ravelry who'd finished the sweater and asked how she dealt with the imbalance. I talked to J2 (maybe it was whining, not talking). Got myself in a mini uproar.

Then I realized that I cast on for one size and was following the cable chart for another size.

Um. Nevermind.

J2 and I started serious work (not just design discussion) on a quilting project for the church. It, too, is in stealth mode. I can tell you though that it’s big. Really big. So big that I’ll kinda miss working on The Big Quilt. And we’re hoping to donate/unveil it at Easter. Yeah. Easter. Which happens to be “early” this year, March 23. Oy.

(Left turn) So, we Netflix. I’ve just returned The Illusionist and The Last Mimzy. Neither movie got a very high rating from me. The Illusionist may have been a decent movie, but it just p’s me off when a movie/dvd’s sound is so uneven that you have to turn it way up for dialog (did Giamatti actually whisper all of his lines???) and then get blasted out of your comfy chair by “dramatic” music. I don’t think I made it 30 minutes into the movie before I’d had enough.

The Last Mimzy was sweet(ish), had enough woo-OO-ooo in it for my sci-fi/fantasy likes, but the adults in the script were worse than cartoon characters. Yeah, like the big bad Homeland Security guy would be like that. And the parents? Aside from a total lack of consistency in the characters, they were just… icky. Stupid. Icky-stupid. And that’s a real shame, because I do love me some Archie Goodwin.

And that leads me to ask (well part of that does) – why, for the love of Mike, do writers (?) producers (?) networks (?) studios (?) think that everything has to have a bad guy in it? The Last Mimzy would not have been harmed in the least if the whole government angle was not in the movie.

Tru Calling. An interesting concept. Frequently touching. Almost always felt good at the end of the episode. Then they had to bring in (dut-dut-duuuhh) the dark side. Is it a coincidence that the show disappeared not long after? Or is bringing an antagonist a form of jumping the shark? They’re hinting at a dark side in Ghost Whisperer, though it’s not defining the show. Yet. In fact it’s happened in a number of perfectly fine shows. Note to writers/producers/networks/studios: There doesn’t always have to be a bad guy or conspiracy.

Okay, and how am I to be strong and not join The Sassy Apron Swap? I love my magic apron. I want more, more, more (oh, you should see the folder of patterns I’ve been collecting!). After hyperventilating above about the Easter deadline, do I really have any business signing up for a swap, of all things? The deadline to decide is January 20. The deadline to send is March 31 (after Easter!). I have it on my calendar to remind me. (Be strong, be strong)

(Wander over to Lucy's blog and then tell me there's any way I can be strong enough. Go ahead. I dare ya.)

More rambling is possible. There’s always more. But I’ll save it for next time I have little to show (publicly) for all of the hours I’m awake.

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