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Disproportionate Irritation

January 23, 2008

On 18th January 2008, fiberbabble wrote:
I've tried multiple times to create a buddy icon. Each time I "upload from my computer" it looks as though the upload is happening, but then I am faced with a blank screen. I've tried it from "set up your Flickr basics" and from "Your Profile/Buddy Icon" (iconbuilder). Both options leave me with blank or no-info screen.

Can you help, please?

Thanks - Fiberbabble

On 23rd January 2008, Flickr Support wrote:

Thank you for contacting Flickr customer care
To change your buddy icon make sure you are logged into
your account and then go to this address:


You might want to resize your photos before you upload it.

[name removed to protect...]

WTF does that mean?

Of course I was logged into my account - I couldn't even begin to try to create an icon if I wasn't. Of course I went to http://www.flickr.com/iconbuilder/ . I said that in my initial request for help.

And what size, exactly, might I try to resize my photo to before uploading? You wanna give me a hint, maybe?

Should I just forget it, and remind myself that I'm getting what I'm paying for? I certainly don't want to waste any more of anyone's time if what I'm trying to do (create a buddy icon from the Flickr Basics screen) is not an action available to me.

And, seriously, did it actually take seven days to come up with that lame non-answer?

You know, I like Ravelry and all, but that is the one and ONLY reason that I even activated my Flickr account. It takes me for-flippin-ever to upload anything. It's not (to me) intuitive. And now I have allowed a small thing to get me ta'pounding the keyboard as I'm slamming out this blog post.

Had there been NO response, I would've just chalked it up to the whole Get What You Pay For thing. But for someone to actually sit down in front of a screen and keyboard and think that typing and sending such a ridiculous response on purpose would in any way be acceptable just burns my bacon. (looky there - I didn't actually type what I am grumbling at the screen. People from church read this blog occasionally, and while they may be aware that I am [ahem] bilingual, there's no need to prove just how proficient I truly am when I get fired up.)

I am not internet-challenged. I am not technology-challenged (we'll not talk about taking pictures with my cell phone, okay?). I wouldn't even be offended that the "customer service" response was treating me like an internet idiot IF there was any remotely helpful information imparted.

The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms 'defines' not suffer fools gladly as Refuse to tolerate stupidity. (Yeah, I didn't have to look that one up. I'd guess you're not surprised.)

Hell. Somebody better get me a pillow.


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At 1/24/2008 8:27 AM, Blogger Alanna Kellogg Babbled Back:  

Off topic -- and no need to approve, just wanted to reach out to say thanks.

I've been over at RedShirt Knitting after she tried a couple of my vegetable recipes. And when she wrote back, saying that the A-Z of vegetables at A Veggie Venture is her "salvation", she said that you left her the link to my site in her comments earlier in the month.

And I have to say - your comment put tears in my eyes, it's JUST the way I hope people will react to vegetables. So thank you, you completely made my day.


At 1/24/2008 8:45 PM, Blogger Kyla Nicole Babbled Back:  

I'll take a moment to reassure that I love you dearly.

First....Jan 18th to Jan 23rd would only be 5 days, yes? I know, I know, it's still a long time, but...lol

From http://flickr.com/iconbuilder/ :
"Replace with an image

[choice one] In your Flickr photos
[choice two] On your computer
[choice three] On the web
OR If you have a 48x48 icon ready, upload it here."

Now, yours wouldn't say the whole "Replace" part, because you don't yet have one. Mine says that because I do.

Also, as for it not being intuitive to upload pics, WHA?? There's a dropdown arrow at the top of the screen, with an option in it to "Upload pictures". From there, you are faced with a large blue "Choose Photos" link.

Or, if that's not intuitive enough (that one breaks on my Mac sometimes), there's a link to the Basic Uploader at the bottom.

I find it difficult to use Photobucket, Kodak Gallery, Image Shack, or any of the other pic sites I have used in the past. I wish we lived closer, so I could see what was going on with your computer, because I can't imagine this giving you such hassle =X

(again, I love you...and not in that "bless your heart" tone of voice ;)

At 1/24/2008 9:25 PM, Blogger T Babbled Back:  

Okay, you're right. It was only five days. Apparently my math skills suffer when I'm on my horse. :-D

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