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Ding Dong...

December 29, 2007

Ding Dong

Okay, the title is a joke.  Totally. No, I'm serious. No sarcasm here at all (for real!).

Foot top
My mom has scary skinny feet. Hard to make slippers when she's not around, and what if I get a wild impulse to actually knit socks? (Though she says she can't wear hand-knit socks. I won't believe it until she tries. Someday. Maybe.)

Foot side
This here's called a shoelast, and I found the instructions here.

In a perfect world, I'd have one from everyone in my family. Storage would be interesting...

Mom's Felted Slippers
These aren't actually this years' slippers. These are the too-wide ones from last year, but hey - if you've seen one pair of denim-colored felted slippers for mom, you've seen 'em all. Anyway, I think the carpet was cleaner last year.

shoelastsEdited to add this new picture.   I realized that there wasn't a picture of the "disembodied" shoelasts. Heaven forbid that you all get the idea that I just stuffed my mom under a footstool!

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