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June 06, 2007

Little Dreamer AWThe quilt is from a soon-to-be published pattern named "Little Dreamer". This one was made by one of my students in the class-from-hell - she has a great grandbaby due any day now and realized that she wouldn't have the time to quilt it, so she hired me to do the quilting/finishing for her.

LD Quilting Detail If you'll click on the pic, you'll get the bigger version that (hopefully) shows the cool quilting motif I used.

My own version of Little Dreamer (the first of two I've made so far) is from almost exactly the same fabrics - the student wanted to make one "just like the sample" and managed to get all the same fabs except for the baby print. Apparently I'd bought it all... Mine is all basted and marked, ready to be quilted. Since I liked the quilting motifs on the student's quilt so much, I'm doing exactly the same thing for mine.

The only difference is that mine will start out quite a bit less wonky than this one...

There's more to come on the quilting front - I've been putting in hours and hours on a round-robin paper foundation pieced sampler quilt and hope to have the quilting finished this afternoon.


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