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May 22, 2007

Magic Stripe SocksMy first pair of successful, on-purpose socks.

Don't tell me you've already forgotten the Sockish Surprise baby socks?? Those have been binned.

Details - Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, color "Crush" (sport/light worsted weight)
Metal DPN's size US4
Pattern: The Harlot's "generic" sock pattern - kinda

I'm pretty impressed that I actually got the stripes to match. The socks are a bit bulky, and because they're 100% acrylic (aka "Plastic") they are WAY warm.

The first sock posed some problems, especially at the heel flap. Apparently my heels from the floor to my achilles tendon aren't as 'tall' as a standard sock pattern assumes. (I actually went digging around through other patterns, just on the off-chance it was just the pattern I was using. It wasn't.)

The first sock was knit, frogged and knit (and frogged and knit) multiple times throughout the learning experience to get the leg width and heel height and foot length just right. Fortunately, I took notes, so the second sock was a bit easier to get right the first (or maybe second) time.

And, oh, the grafting woes. I don't know what happened, but my brain just would NOT work with my hands this time. (I don't usually have any problems with grafting) I must've grafted those toes 7 times, and the last time I actually had a book open to the color-coded picture and took it step-by-step. Sheesh.

While I probably won't be wearing these much with real shoes, they are wonderful for around the house. Hmmm. I guess that makes them slipper socks, eh?

Now on the needles is a pair of toe-up worsted weight socks on two circular (US4) needles, from "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles". This method seems to knit up faster, but since I'm knitting in a different direction and with different toe and heel types (short rows, short rows, short rows), I am again in the knit-frog-knit-repeat cycle. The first sock is finally to the leg/ribbing section, hopefully soon to be finished. Again, I took notes so the second sock should go more quickly.

I already like being able to slide the stitches to the cable on the circs so I can try on as I go. However, there is something strangely satisfying about using the dpn's.

Eventually I'll break down and use "real" sock yarn, once I've found a method (and pattern) that clicks.


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