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February 14, 2007

Okay, I'll admit it: I get a bit pissy when I'm informed that I have to do something. Especially if I'm given no choice.

Such is the case with Blogger/Blogger Beta. For quite a while I was getting the "Yay for us! You can try this new thang!" info whenever I tried to log into the service. Well, hey. It ain't broke (for me).

Eventually Blogger got to the point where it wouldn't let me "in" unless I switched. Enter serious pissy-ness.

I immediately went a-huntin' for a new blog home. I found Wordpress. Started a blog. Found out that there weren't any templates that were Me. Found out that I had very limited options in trying to make the templates more Me. Of course, if I want to pony up $20 to import my own CSS, that would be fine, but after mucking around elsewhere in Wordpress I lost confidence that I could just switch over without some major remodeling anyway (and as some of you know, my current template isn't flawless anyway).

Okay. Let's try to make do. Blogger's in the schmit-house with me. After finally getting something that vaguely looks like something I'd post in, I found that I STILL had to switch over to the New Blogger so that I could import these here posts to the new Wordpress blog. Well, damn. I guess that's okay because I'm only switching to the New Blogger so I can dump it.

Um. No. Don't get me wrong - the switchover and import to Wordpress worked fine, BUT. My posts in Wordpress weren't separated enough, so the Sock Yarn post began in the body of the Almost Finished Quilt post.

Add to that joyous discovery the fact that it literally took FOUR minutes for the "Edit This Post" page to come up (IF at all) and then the edits (some lame-ass extra spaces at the end of the Quilt post) didn't even change the final layout of the posts. I've spent about an hour this morning trying to make it work (of which a huge portion was just sitting and watching the little loading bar at the bottom of a blank page).

Wordpress doesn't have an easily/quickly-found place for questions, design FAQ's, or... well, whatever. I know that other bloggers are perfectly fine with Wordpress. I'm not.

So, here I stay for now. I'll just over myself about the forced "upgrade". If I can organize the tags/labels, I can dump my del.icio.us tags (that I never incorporated into the blog anyway). Maybe I can figure out how to add some pdf files.

This post is going to end abruptly in anticipation of the next one...


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At 2/14/2007 1:26 PM, Blogger Susan Babbled Back:  

I don't know if this is of any help to you but you can use www.putstuff.com to store your PDF files and put links to them on your blog so that they can be downloaded.
I was also annoyed at being told that I had to change to the new Blogger as I'd heard that people were having problems with it but luckily for me nothing went wrong.
Anyway, good luck with yours and I hope you don't have any problems with it.

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