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February 26, 2007

Here's kind of a disclaimer. I'm at my mom's this week, ready and willing to wait on her hand and foot now that she's returned home from the hospital (no, I didn't mention it in a previous post; no, it wasn't an unexpected emergency; yes, she's fine but sore and doomed to be on a liquid diet for the next 2 weeks). My mom may have one of the slowest dial-up connections on the face of the earth. If I am able to upload posts at all, they will likely be much, much more babble than fiber. Now, onto randomness:

You know that old Meat Loaf song? The "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" one? What wouldn't he do?

frogHave you noticed that usually when it's foggy, it's not foggy right around YOU? Like you've got your own Cone of Silence or something...

Wait. I said foggy, not froggy. This was taken from my back door (I was the one on the inside). Our resident frogs tend to come out in droves (WTH is a drove?) when it's fairly warm and raining like there's no tomorrow. They also seem to have a curfew. It's rare to see a frog after 9:30 p.m. on our back step. Before that, though, it's definitely a "look before you step" situation.

The word infarction amuses me. Of course what it really MEANS doesn't amuse me. Just the word. 'Specially when it's shortened to infarct. I can just picture old ladies tsk-tsking when I say it.

That's not my favorite word, though. My favorite is profundity. It's not like I am often accused of it, but it's still my favorite.

When I get a chill, I get "chicken skin". Not gooseflesh. Not goose pimples (eewww, the visual...). Maybe occasionally goose bumples. Usually chicken skin.

There is one post that I made that gets spam comments at least once a week. Fortunately, that's about the only one that gets those comments (which, of course, are immediately rejected). I wonder why it's that ONE post? There must be some keyword or something. Weird thing is that I can't find the ISP/source in my stat counter stats. Uh-oh. The other post talked about my stat counter, too. What if THOSE are the keywords?

Oh. And I need a blackboard chicken. I first saw one when I fell off the yarn wagon at LaFavorites in Kelso. Then a couple of days later, Judy posted a picture of hers, modeling a sock, over at Persistent Illusion. Judy was kind enough to tell me that she got hers at The Real Mother Goose in Portland, though I didn't find one on their website. Amy over at LaFavorites had not only the chicken, but a pig and a sheep, too. (I think J needs a pig. She's always using the phrase "putting lipstick on a pig"... I wonder if the artist does special orders???)


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