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October 17, 2006

First off, I've been sick. So sick I haven't even whined much about it. Fortunately it seems to be only the cold/flu/creeping crud. I can't complain (though I will), because I only get a cold about once every three years.

Where we live, we have frogs. Big frogs, little frogs, frogs stuck to our door, frogs on the light fixture, frogs swimming in ponds, frogs living under our back step, frogs that go crunch if we don't look where we're stepping when we go outside. Okay, that last part isn't totally accurate. Only Mr. W. has crunched frogs, though I did get one with the pickup one evening.

Last night as Mr. W. was heading into the kitchen for something, I heard, "Holy *something* - we've got a frog!"

froggy Visitor

I can't believe that I had my camera right there and actually got a shot. This little guy was NOT staying in one place for long! I snapped the pic while he was passing through Puppy-Butt's house.

Mr. W. went outside and got the screeny-netty thing that we use to de-leaf the pond and scooped up the little guy to put him back outside. My hero!


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