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October 12, 2006

I actually look this stuff up fairly regularly and warn/inform Mom and The Girl kinda weekly. For your short term planning, I give you

Stuff to Celebrate This Week
We're in the midst of National Squirrel Appreciation week....Oh, my goodness. I just found that there's a National Squirrel Appreciation Society in the UK. Words fail me.

October 12: International Moment of Frustration Scream Day
"To share any or all of our frustrations, all citizens of the world will go outdoors at twelve hundred hours Greenwich time and scream for thirty seconds. We will all feel better, or Earth will go off its orbit."
13: International Skeptics Day
I looked this up and apparently it's celebrated at least once more during the year, on January 13. I seriously doubt it...
13: World Egg Day
Egg Day. As in Eat More Eggs. According to the US Egg Industry, the per capita egg consumption in 2005 was 255.1 eggs. The high point for per capita egg consumption was 402 eggs in 1945.
I eat approximately 700 eggs a year, not counting tapioca pudding...
14: Be Bald and Be Free Day
Various online greeting card sites have special cards you can send to your special cue ball...
15: National Grouch Day
I saw a story about this on www.menstuff.org. I searched and searched. Couldn't find ANYthing on womenstuff.org or the NOW (National Organization for-of? Women) sites. Coincidence? I don't THINK so.
In case you don't have a grouch of your own, you can make one using the info at http://www.kidsdomain.com/craft/grouch.html.


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At 10/12/2006 10:53 AM, Blogger Looming Looney Babbled Back:  

Did you know: Oct is national cookie month and national pizza month and national Pickled Pepper Month just to name a few national observances?

check it out: http://www.butlerwebs.com/holidays/october.htm#MONTHLY%20OBSERVANCES:

At 10/12/2006 2:38 PM, Blogger T Babbled Back:  

heheheh. Yep, Miz Looney, I knew. If it has to do with FOOD, I'm all for making it a celebration! I've got the cookies and pizza covered... you wanna take on the pickled peppers? :-)

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