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Another Tablerunner done

October 05, 2006

The Box Fan tablerunner. This one is the one that I had to be inventive with the binding, since I ran out of fabric just inches from the finish line.

Box Fan Tablerunner

This one will eventually become a PETaL Pattern, but I've got something else rattling around in my head (rocks?) that is demanding to be developed. I cut out two more quilts on Monday, one for a shop sample and the other is that NEW design. Now to sew, sew, sew and get the info down in pattern form!

On the yarn front, I took advantage of Michael's sale on Patons Classic Wool a couple of weeks ago. I've finished knitting a Christmas present that I can't say much more about here... Have a felted bag design that's growing in my head (a VERY busy brain these days!), plus a Fiber Trends hat that J has requested for Christmas. I feel fairly confident that I can talk about THAT item, since she never reads my blog - barely even reads email!


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