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August 22, 2006

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but I've found a new way to focus on my quilting. This is a good thing since I happen to teach quilting. Not being motivated to quilt is a bad thing when you're the teacher, you know...

Oh - the motivation? I listen to books on tape or books on CD. I get to keep up with my "reading" but not waste time just sitting around doing it. I've found a couple of new-to-me authors that I'm listening to, in addition to the usual suspects.

Let's start with the pictures. Dreams and More Wishes tablerunner variation. One of PETaL Patterns' first patterns. I've lost track of how many of these I've made and how many variations I've done.

(Note to those who've been patiently waiting: I've fallen down on the webpage-building part of being a pattern designer. BUT there are two new patterns just days from publication, and more in the works. Not that that will help much if I don't get off my butt and put them somewhere that you can see them and buy ten of each!)

DnMW Stripe

DnMW Stripe Quilting

DnMW Stripe Quilting Detail

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering why there are two (maybe only one, if Blogger is still being a pain) VERY pink pictures here. (In real life, and maybe on your monitor they're actually dark coral). The pictures are of the quilting done on the tablerunner. I'm particularly happy with this pattern - my own design, as a matter of fact. They were originally meant to be feathers, but after I got the outline done I was extremely happy and for once left well enough alone. With luck, if you want to click on the pics, you'll see larger versions that really show the quilting motifs.

In other quilting news, the Hidden Wells lap quilt is basted and marked for quilting. The tablerunner I made from my "Fan" block (Dresden Plate, Box Fan and Dresden Plate variation) AND the Box Fan tablerunner is also basted and ready for quilting. The Box Fan TR has another "by me" motif that, at least in the marking stage, just knocks my socks off. Pics will be posted after they're finished, of course. This link will take you to the old in-progress pics of all of these projects, if you don't want to wait for final pics.

You want more? No problem! The Hidden Wells Lap Quilt now is a quilt top, sans borders. Those blocks that didn't play well with others were frogged, sewn and steamed into submission after a partially successful timeout. The Hunter's Star bed tarp looks like it will end up at about 94" square BEFORE borders. I had 12 of the 16 blocks done. Lost one set of 4 blocks. Had to re-cut more blocks. Not one of my shining hours.


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