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June 11, 2006

It's about my

So, I went and visited my own blog and realized that it takes 11 seconds for all of the graphics to come up. I'm on DSL, so I'm thinking that my dial-up users have to wait.... well, TOO long.

Since one of the things I like about reading other peoples' blogs is seeing pictures of current projects and other things that are important to the blogger, I won't stop putting pictures in my posts, but I am going to redecorate a bit. Probably you won't notice a lot of difference except maybe the absence of the little 'subject indicator' graphics in each post and that the Technorati 'subject tag' is at the top and not the bottom. With luck, this will give you an idea if the post is something that you would like to read before wading through it.

End of administrative announcement... next post might be on-topic. Dunno WHICH topic, but it will be on-topic.
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