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June 05, 2006


Oh, the shame of it all! It's become necessary for me to acquire a new icon:


Yes, that's right. I did it. The Matrix Vest on my progress list (which I probably never even talked about in a post) was ALMOST finished. Not 80%, not 90%, but about 97% done. And I so totally and completely screwed it up. I had put the back shoulder sts on holder. I put the front shoulder sts on the same holders to see how much more I needed to knit. 1 1/2" - MAX. What do I do? I forget that BOTH shoulder sections are on the holders and take them out.

Once I'd started knitting, I realized that I had some stringy bits on the back. ACK! The loosely knit (size US 17's) drop stitched railroad/trellis yarn was taking on a life of it's own and disintegrating like a slug in saltwater.

It was SOOoooo tangled and floppy by the time I realized it that there was no way I would be able to salvage it (and anyway, ever try to pick up such huge sts in slippery railroad yarn?). Sheesh.

Hmmm. It's raining. Must be time to POUR...

This weekend I rang (handbells) at church. It was Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost color is red. Do I have an appropriate red top/blouse to wear? NOOoooo. I have a tank top. I have a t-shirt. I have a cotton mock turtleneck. All perfectly fine tops, but not much for modesty in front of the congregation youknowwhatImean??

Well, hey. *I* have a knitting machine. I can just whip up a vest for a bit of modesty and all will be good. Out comes my Grignasco cotton, ISM is set to EON, I have some measurements... away I go! After finishing the edges, seaming up the sides... Hmmmm. Not quite right. Do I want to take the time to block this thing? What if it's still not quite right and then I've shrunk the cotton?

Yep. You guessed it.


Note to self: When you are not in a time crunch, make up a lightweight vest in each of the church year colors. Wear the vests over a white shirt. Don't wait until the Saturday afternoon before playing on Sunday morning.


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