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June 29, 2006

Recent trials and tribulations ::sigh::

It's been a busy time lately, though as I write this, it's unusual for me NOT to be busy.

I've updated the progress bars on knitting and quilting; poor Meredith has been sitting at 98% for over a week now. The only thing that has yet to be done on my bee-yoo-ti-ful sweater is to weave in some ends (and gee, it was done in the round, there aren't that many!) and to fiddle with two spots on the sleeve where there is laddering. I'm not sure that that's the correct term, but it's the place between two dpn's or two circs that isn't as tight as the rest of the stitches. I just need to futz with them to distribute the stitches a bit more evenly, but it's a VERY sticky yarn, so there will be much futzing. (My newest friend, hereby dubbed Mrs. F, calls it ferderbering. No clue if that's spelled right, but it's phoenetically correct!)

Speaking of futzing, last week I started and abandoned and started a new dishcloth over FIVE times. The first was a pattern that ended up going backward as much as forward. I guess my brain wasn't ready to pay that much attention to a pattern for "just" a dishcloth. Then I tried two or three or more stitch patterns from one of my stich pattern books...

... side trip. My birthday's coming up and I've decided that I want the Barbara Walker Treasury books (#s 1 and 2... no more). I've only dropped the hint to one person so far, so I'm not holding my breath...

... then (back to the dishcloth) I found a mini cable pattern to try. After about 1/4 of the cloth, I decided that the cotton is too busy to show the pattern. If I'm going to the trouble of doing cables, I want them to show up, you know? Finally I've landed on a pattern from The Dishcloth Boutique and it is finally coming along.

My Kinda Bella has had the sleeves done and re-done multiple times. You know, I went through this with Meredith, too, and I must say I am not amused. I use Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top as a reference to how many stitches to start with for the short row shaping, but keep having to mess around with less and less and less stitches to keep the sleeve from being too wide. Do you think maybe I oughta make (legible) notes if I ever get it right? Sheesh. It's a good thing I have lots of skeins of the yarn, so I'm not using stretched stuff and I can spritz and relax the frogged skeins so they can be used somewhere else in the body.

Stay tuned for Futzing, Part 2, when I share the joys (or not) of quilting...
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