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May 08, 2006

Yep, it's all about this time!

This weekend was a quiet one. No yard work to tempt me - after spreading 3 yards of bark (there's still at least one to go), the skies opened up and gave it all a good soaking.

What to do when one can't dig in the dirt and haul rock and get splinters in one's toes? Quilting, quilting, quilting.

I'm a member of the Cyberquilters Yahoo Group (among others). This weekend we did a group project, based on the Hidden Wells block. Apparently I missed the part about chosing values for the various fabric placements, but I was able to dig into a PIG and use some fabric that I bought at the last Chickenstock retreat... oh, 4 or 5 years ago. Here's what I came up with, pre-borders:

The Vancouver class is starting a new series of Fan Blocks. I'd done some samples to show (this isn't all of them)...

...and while I love the color combos, there isn't a whole lot of contrast. Our first class will be the Box Fan (the one on the bottom), so I chose new fabrics - a blue/turquoise/white busy print for the background and a light turquoise/white print for the blades. Well, I have contrast. Not a whole lot of ZING, but there's contrast.

I've made about 2 1/2 whole blocks, on my way to four of 'em, for a small wallhanging. (Side trip) Actually it will likely become a doily... no, I'm not the DOILY-doily type, but I also don't like marks on my furniture. Enter the small quilts. I have them under my lamps, under the computer monitors and printers, under plants... you name it.

Now, if that's not enough (and of course it isn't), I also cut out and partially sewed the sample for the Woodland group's Dreams and Wishes class. This week we're doing painless triangles (woo-hoo!). This class is using our newly-published Dreams and Wishes and Dreams and MORE Wishes patterns.

Yep, you heard me. Newly-published quilting patterns. So far we have three published. Two are so close that I can almost smell the ink. "Where do I see these patterns?" you ask... Well, that's going to have to be another entry (along with the super-progress on my Meredith sweater!).


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