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April 22, 2006

Lots o'knitting progress to report tonight! This morning while Mr. W. was in the shower I finished the last of the 40 Days Head Start Hats- woo hoo! I'll still continue to do them throughout the year, but this was my semi-big push. All were done on the ISM from the ribbing to the section where the decreases start. The decreases were done by hand. I took a picture of an even dozen hats, but when I put them away and went to sit in my knittin' chair I found one more blue variegated one - a baker's dozen!
HS Hats

... and here they are, after they're made all COMFY by puppy-butt.
comfy hats

I also got to work on the Meredith sweater while watching a BBC America show ("Messiah: The Harrowing"... it wasn't bad, but the best thing about it was that the 4 hours spent with it were 4 hours I was working on the sweater!). I've finished another skein of yarn on the body; I think I'm about an inch from inserting short rows for my belly ::sigh::. I reloaded the stitches on one of the sleeves, wound a skein into a ball, ready to rock. I'm in the sleeve decreases (remember I'm knitting top-down) and I'm almost certain that what I have left to do on the sleeve won't take a whole skein. That leave the remainder of the second sleeve and of course finishing the body and it'll be ready to block, brush and brandish! (okay, "brandish" was a bit of literary licence, but I'm a sucker for alliteration!) Hmmmm.... looks like it will be done in time for the first HOT day of the year, doncha think?

I also picked up stitches in the center of the round baby blanket on my dpn's (sorry, Heidi, I did what you said and had NO tension on the center sts and it still stretched - a LOT), then decreased the heck outta them to make a nice little center medallion to fill up the hole. Only problem is, I picked up the stitches from the wrong side apparently... now the blanket's right side is reverse stockinette, with a stockinette center medallion. ::sigh:: Oh, well! It's ready for blocking, then I'll try to find a place large enough (and without puppy-butt's help) to take a picture.

Last thing - my Elann order arrived! No more sweating the yarn supply for Meredith. I got three extra skeins, just to be safe. I did order the Connemara whatever in Amethyst. The color on my monitor was richer/brighter than the actual yarn, but it's still good. I'm itchin' to get started on Bella Paquita (top down, of course!) as soon as Meredith is finished!

Lastly, here's a pic of some visitors we had last week. They first came to our house and left their little pressies in our driveway, then wandered across the street and hung out for awhile.


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