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April 02, 2006

So, I'm overdoing trying not to overdo... I don't want to tie myself down to writing posts just for the sake of writing posts, I don't want to burn out and abandon the blog. On the other hand, over a week between posts isn't a good idea, either - I'd hate to lose all two readers to lack of interest!

I mentioned last post that I'd finished the felted clogs. After blocking and drying, they were still a bit Daisy Duck (not to be confused with Daisy Duke...), so I popped them back in the washer one more time. They're still a bit wide at the toe, but for a first try, I'm fine with them.
Felted Clogs

Also, my French Vanilla Cardi is as done as it's gonna get. This is the first EON project I did on the ISM, and while I did math until my brain was full, it turned out just waaaayyyy too wide. The yarn is Bernat Boucle, so I won't have much remor$e about just tossing it away and learning from my mistakes! (You don't seriously expect a picture of something I'm going to throw away, do you?)

On to Meredith. After the FIFTH try, I have a sleeve that I can live with. (Yayayay!) I went ahead and continued down the sleeve when I finished the sleeve cap and stopped when I ran out of yarn in the skein. Now I'm back to the body, just a couple of rows from re-starting the boobular short rows. I was sure to write down every step (I think) on the sleeve so that when I finish the skein of yarn on the body, I can pick up and go for it on the second sleeve.

I've got the circular baby blanket all knitted, just need to *finish* grafting one seam. Thank goodness that Heidi was available to answer so many of my questions! I found out that I *started* the whole thing incorrectly (at about wedge 10), so I just had to pretend like I had a plan. So far, I think it's okay, but it REALLY needs to be blocked. Hopefully I won't have to do a crochet edging around the outside to get the edge to lie flat. I am not yet having second thoughts about doing the Drops Circle Cardi, but I'm NOT jumping in with both feet right away... Heidi was kind enough to point out that knitting round stuff on the machine is done completely differently than doing it by hand. Oh - Here's why I'm not done with the grafting...
Baby Blanket, UFO

Let's see... what else? The Teddy for Charity is still in the same place as it was last week. I need to give the little guy some arms and then I can seam him up and stuff him. He was an easy project! That's probably why I haven't gotten any farther toward finishing him.

I have an Elann order figured out, but not sent. I was planning originally to do Bella Paquita next (after Meredith!), but I might do Garnstudio's "Jacket in Paris with Wavy Borders" instead. I've chosen a mercerized and gassed cotton, Endless Summer Collection Connemara, in Amethyst.

This evening I'm off to cast on some more Head Start hats, and maybe start a girlfriend for Teddy.

There's news on the quilting front, too (I have been VERY busy!), but I'll save that for another post!

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At 4/03/2006 4:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

Cute clogs, first time ready your blog. Hope you visit mine :) have a great day.

At 4/03/2006 6:08 AM, Blogger cathych Babbled Back:  

what a cute blog! Drop by & visit mine!

At 4/04/2006 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Babbled Back:  

Hey, T. Still can't look at your blog without opening a different browser...sheesh. Cute hats and shrug. I want to make the clogs, but it got warm here...Keep on knitting!

Annie from Annie Knits

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